Shingeki No Kyojin EP 1- Fall of Mankind

Manga Scan

Manga Scan

Opening Theme:

“Guren no Yumiya” (紅蓮の弓矢) by Linked Horizon
Ending Theme:

“Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai” (美しき残酷な世界) by Yōko Hikasa

Remember a while ago I said that anime was failing and heading towards its own demise ?

Of course i was joking, we all feel that way sometimes with the way things go in life – not just anime, but any form of medium for that matter.


About a year ago, I saw the promo trailer for this animation and was quite stunned at the production value and thought it would just be a multiple-cour movie like Kara No Kyoukai, but here we have a 2-cour anime with astounding quality right off the bat.

The plot is fairly straightforward for a first episode: people live a peaceful life, town gets attacked by a logic-defying entity and the story gets going.

Eren is a boy living behind the monolithic walls of the last bastion of mankind, and he has no greater wish than to join the Recon corps – a band of warriors venturing warriors who gather information on giants – to be able to explore the outside world freely. His ideals are constantly questioned by the people around him, much to his unbreakable will.

One day, a great lightning struck outside the city walls and there appeared a gargantuan giant of flesh and blood that instantly demolished the city wall, creating an opening for other titans to wreak havoc inside the city. Eren witnessed his mother becoming a meal to a giant and that concluded the first part of the fall.


First of all, this anime looks pretty damn good. 

And that’s an important aspect of hooking your viewers right from the promo.

The animation is fluid, and the art is stylized, giving that medieval-era feel where characters have moderately thick outlines and detailed facial expressions. They even included a lot of fancy 3D set pieces to bring the environment to life. I could describe the animation style in the two words, they’re probably mature and fleshed-out. 

Perhaps it’s too early to tell about character development, but Eren can turn out to be the archetypal hero who vows revenge without giving his actions some though- i don’t know, but i’ll be looking forward to that. The rest of the cast look fairly interesting, as they oppose Eren’s viewpoint  and it’ll be very interesting to see how their ideologies shift as they adapt to the situation. The origins and ecology of the Titans are also something that needs to be developed, as they will be crucial plot devices ( gory ones).


Looks like there will be something to look forward to this season, after all !





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