The Cool Story

Exactly 5 months ago, Hanabi texted me about starting up a blog for anime. I was still like a ‘virgin’ to anime at that time, and was rather doubtful of the purpose of the blog. We eventually decided that it would be a ‘happy place’ where people can download anime in a special format [MP4] and read previews / reviews of the season’s ongoing anime, with Hanabi doing the former and me doing the latter.

Now the blog has garnered more than 30,000* hits and we haven’t looked back since then- plus we recruited other people into our cause as well.

Founded by Keerakun on the 12th of February, bagnochokoreto, is perhaps just another anime blog which features an amalgam of stuff which mainly consists of anime,reviews,essays and sometimes lamentations. Co-founder Hanabigoesboom also occasionally posts links from which you can download lovely anime from.

Sadly, we do not give out free chocolate despite the website name implying ‘a bag of chocolates’, since, well, the chocolate is actually in the form of the authors posting stuff and how neatly co-founder Hanabi encodes our downloads so that it can actually fit into your portables and play on the PC- portable, much like a bag of chocolates. Cheesy eh ?

Shatnershaman, recently joined, is the third member of this band of 2D-lovers and he’s in the writing team.

It may seem that we are trying to please everyone by offering everything there is to anime, but trust us, we are juts doing this out of passion – because we’re a bag of chocolates and you won’t really know what you like till you’ve tasted all of them.

That was cheesy.

The site is still under modifications and we do hope you enjoy your stay here.

Chocolatey salutions,

Keerakun & Hanabi


*As of December 2012, we’ve hit the 100k mark, woot !

  1. Oha! I’m the author/admin of OtaSensei, would like to know if your interested in a link exchange ^_^

    Thank you!

    • Hello there ! 🙂
      Most certainly !
      I’ll patch up a link to your wordpress ASAP on my blogroll, and you will do the same 🙂

      Looking forward to working with you in the future ! 🙂

  2. Nice work guys!! 🙂 love the site and good thing you guys started this site ;p

  3. Keep up the great guys!

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