Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Episode 2

I wanna be a bear -rawr-

Hello, Buffalomeat here and it’s the time of the week again! Yes, I’m talking bout Oregairu (literally). In this episode, Yuigahama gets into a little bit of trouble with her friend, Yumiko. No worries! As Yukinoshita comes in to save the day by talking down Yumiko. Yuigahama was then able to voice her true thoughts to Yumiko and the situation disperses. In the latter half, a new character with a case of “chuunibyo” comes in. He’s name is Zaimokuza Yoshiteru. He asks a favor from the Service Club to read his Light Novel that he wrote for a competition and state their opinions of it. Turns out? The novel sucked and Zaimokuza suffered a psychological breakdown. All’s well that ends well though, as Zaimokuza creates a barrier (imaginary) enveloping the school.

-Summary End-

Sensei Punch!!!

This episode started light, again with Hikigaya’s thoughts of wisdom. I am pretty sure that’s how they are going to start the show in the latter episodes. And again, wise words. But I I beg to differ, being a bear. I would rather like being a wolf if we are talking about lone hunters. Ironic as it is though, wolfs hunt in packs, so I can understand his reasoning. But if I’m a wolf, I’d want to be a literal lone wolf, know what I mean? Still, I love the Sensei corner.


Hikigaya is getting more and more awesome each episode. He has very weird character attributes and I like weird. He should continue that list. And speaking of weird characters………

Zaimokuza Yoshiteru

The guy above definitely makes the mark. I would like to see him join in the everyday life in the service club. All in all – this episode is fun to watch, although there was some serious business in the first half. And, also, we can see a small flashback where they reveal Hikigaya’s past. I’m actually interested in his past. Rather, the small clips of his past tends to make one interested. But Hikigaya is a coward, to be blunt. He couldn’t stand up to Yumiko. That was a bit frustrating. Ergo, help Yuigahama! She looks so helpless! I hope to see a side of him where he acts cool.

My favorite character is still Hirastsuka Sensei. Nice talking to you all.

-Thoughts End-


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  1. Well… Thx for all the reviews and thoughts on it all… but am i missing a download link in this? i really want to watch all these animes but i’m not sure why anybody is uploading 😦
    I Really want to see the next season

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