Greetings ! In this tab, you have the privilege of deciding which anime becomes available on our download list.

Kindly remember that we are not cyborgs , as we will process only the most requested series and whatever we deem suitable.

You can only request for reviews of the most recent anime here as well ( recent: not ending before the request for the review has been made ), and with same conditions aforementioned.

Have fun !

  1. thank you for the threads.

  2. tnx for the good anime list

  3. Thanks for the animes 😀

  4. thank you for the uploads

  5. i still can t download fairytail ! can u please fix dat

  6. Guys plz plz plz do Btooom and Deadman Wonderland uncensored in MP4 format i really wanna see it 😦

  7. May I request for Aikatsu if possible please. Thanks a lot

  8. May I request for Freezing and Sekirei(season 1,2 and ova) in uncensored…. PLS………

  9. Can I request for Freezing(blueray), Schooldays(blueray) and other uncnesored hentai anime

  10. Hi there. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Here’s a link to my group’s blog:

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