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Black Rock Shooter(i know….delayed)


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Black Rock Shooter – 4 – Chalking it all up to hormones

“Nobody would have a hard time, just because you’re not around” – Yomi

And so this is officially my very first post inside my blog as a watcher of anime…. wee..

and so did throngs of people before you..*cough*

Also, I apologize for starting in the middle of the series, as momentum is lost if one were to watch over the series again just to refresh his / her memory. The follow up posts will cover the OVA, Episode 1, 2 and 3.

Let’s begin.

Quit school and become another Da Vinci ?


The episode begins with Kagari ( the yellow pseudo-mecha in the ‘black rock shooter realm’ ) transferring into the same school as Yomi and Mato. The class seemed to ‘dig’ Kagari’s peculiar and rather eccentric behaviour and quickly befriended here. From there onwards, life seemed normal enough for the girls.

Mato’s basketball senior has also recovered from what seemed to be a ‘blackout’ caused by a sprain in the ankle  (?) from the previous episode. The scene that unfolded between the blue haze and the red horned entity did not follow. Indeed, things were looking good.

However, jealousy and desperation mounts as Kagari’s popularity quickly grew amongst her new classmates and the distance between Yomi grew ever so quickly. The distance also looms with Mato’s basketball business with Yuu, effectively preventing Mato from spending more time with Yomi.

The following morning, Mato coincidentally met up with Kagari on the way to school and headed off together. Yomi was not notified of this. Upon reaching school Yomi burst out in anger at Kagari – she was quickly shrugged off by Kagari’s new friends, telling her to calm down. Afterwards…

The counsellor is patronised again by Yomi, only to tell Yomi told that nobody would be troubled by her absence in her circle of friends. Yomi took this hard.

After school, Kagari asked Mato for advice on how to appreciate Yomi’s efforts as a loyal friend to her.


The following day, Yomi faced off against two girls who reprimanded for ‘hogging’ Kagari all to herself. In defence, Yomi explains that it was not easy to make friends with Kagari.  Mato and Yomi happened to witness the incident and figured what to do for Yomi.

Kagari then went to visit Yomi, who refused to see the former outright. She was absent from school the next day.

Mato was having basketball practice and Yuu expressed interest in making friends with Yomi, probably an act of empathy towards their relationship.

On a side note, Mato’s basketball senior appeared to suffer from a memory loss (?) and denied any feelings for her former crush.

Braving the heavy rain, Kagari gave visiting Yomi another try. Yomi was sulking in a corner when she received a text from Yuu, who was merely wishing her well-being -she then threw a tantrum, agonized due to the condition of her relationship with Mato.

Realizing Kagari was downstairs, she stumbled down the stairs and welcomed her with hands wide open.

 “I thought you’d never let me go if you didn’t thank me” 

said Kagari

The blue haze was then ready for another round of fighting as Yomi becomes her strongest adversary yet. 



Most people would probably think that Yomi is just a selfish crybaby, but I beg to differ. Would you not be infuriated if a life-long friend were to be ‘taken away’ from you in an instance, even if it were your own fault ? All the times you’ve shared with him / her would just seemingly go to waste. Maybe Yomi was not trying hard enough to cling on to the friends that she holds dear to her heart – or perhaps she was just beaten by the circumstances ?

A generic, but meaningful concept of friendships overlooked by many. This episode did not ‘overdo’ it with the melodrama of Yomi. Realistically speaking, most of my female friends I would know of would end up like that if a similar situation were to hit them. Not exactly a psychological trailer;  Cliche, yes, and leaves a lot of room for development, but I have confidence the remaining episodes will live up to its expectations.



Keerakun out !

Future Sight

Ohaiyo !

Ogenki Desuka ? ( Are you well ?)


Like I said in my previous post, I will write about whatever I want, so here is a list of things to expect in time to come:

Hayate No Goku ( Heaven is a place on earth ) – MOVIE

Sengoku Basara, The Last Party – MOVIE

Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu ( The legend of legendary heroes )


Black Rock Shooter

and more to come !

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The dawn of a new (anime blog) era

Greetings and salutations ! 

Just another entity who loves anime and writing, ready to begin his journey in the world of Anime.

I won’t be alone, however, I’ll have comrades who will tag along with me in this journey !

So what are you waiting for ? Tag along with us !


On a side note:

I write whatever I want here and whenever, but QA ( quality assurance ) is ensured, so don’t complain ! 😛

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