Date A Live Episode 2

Baka Baka!

Hello, it’s me again, Buffalomeat. This time there are going to be more pictures. And as I have said in the last post – OP and ED.


[sweet ARMS]
It’s a duet but I’m not sure who as they didn’t say in the OP credits which is strange. But I do hear Inoue Marina.


By Yoshino (CV: Nomizu Iori)


I didn’t say who Tohka’s Seiyuu was but she’s Inoue Marina (Mikazuki Yozora;Haganai, Tsukiumi;Sekirei, Miyamoto Rei:HOTD). Yoshino is a character who will appear later. Not giving away the details. Yeah, if you couldn’t have guessed by now I read the light novel. Anyway, on to this episode’s summary. Shido asks Tama-chan (the sensei) to marry him and right after asks Tobiichi on a date which she said yes.

Oh, Tobiichi dat face.

He did those as part of his training in order for him to “capture” the spirits. And “capture” is no galge reference. When Tohka appears again this episode, the Fraxinus crew (I dubbed them the “galge crew”) chooses the options Shido can take at a certain level when Tohka’s mental state is stable. They are literally playing a galge and Shido is the main character. However, Shido manages to pull through and asks Tohka out on a date. Which she, without knowing what a date is, accepted.

Galge Crew

It was cute how Inoue Marina said “baka baka” with Tohka’s expression right there. d=(´▽`)=b This is the “My Thoughts” section! This episode was funny with all the things Kotori puts Shido through. However…… that cheesy gunshot sound effect…… I don’t even understand. Regarding Tohka’s voice, I’m happy they chose someone with a deep voice as that was how I imagined her to sound like when I was reading the light novel. I was kinda disappointed when they made Kurokami Medaka’s seiyuu Toyosaki Aki because I also imagined Medaka’s voice to be somewhat deep. Reine had little screen time today. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 This is the part where Shido gives Tohka her name, and her last name is Yatogami. There is really nothing much this episode except the comedy, however I’d reckon next episode is where “censored” happens and Shido “censored”. However, Tohka goes mad and attacks “censored” but surprisingly Shido “censored” and “censored” Tohka. Oh, this is going to be good.


See you next week! The better quality of this episode is probably going to come out this saturday if you can wait. I hope they start posting the actual episodes instead of the niconico pre-air……

Have a Seifuku Tohka

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