Shingeki No Kyojin 4 & 5 – He is back

projects have been kicking my ass so i’ll cut to the chase



Eren and his gang concludes his training in the academy – they graduate , ending up at the top 10 and having the privilege to choose which unit they wanted to go in.

Desiring to be at the forefront of titan slaying, Eren unhesitatingly joins the Recon corps — Armin and Mikasa follow suit without hesitation.

Shortly after graduation, they are on break during their duty on the walls of Rose when the Colossal titan appeared once more, causing another hole in the wall and destroying the wall’s armaments.

Easily annihilating the unit on the walls, Eren recovers and attempts to take on the titan – only to find him vanish as  swiftly as he appeared.

The guards regroup and recover from their casualties swiftly as they incoming hordes of Titans will approach the city’s center anytime soon.


Mikasa is assigned to the rear elite guard while Eren, Armin and the rest are assigned to the frontlines. Eren recalls vital information to taking down a titan and hopes he succeeds in this endeavor.


As soon as they arrive at the outskirts, a couple of abnormal titans appear and easily kills Thomas Wagner and the other members, effectively crippling the unit.


Eren comes to the rescue of his squadmates, but ends up becoming another meal for the titans.


Armin watches on as he becomes the sole survivor the unit, with an unprecedented sense of guilt and fear overwhelming him.



By now, i think we can safely conclude that Production I.G is one of the best animation studios out there.

Shingeki No Kyojin has kept its visual style and production values consistent so far – leaving viewers craving for more as each week passes.

The Action sequences involving the 3D maneuver gear in episodes 4 and 5 are just exemplary in match-moving and tracking [ terms in visual effects ], though sometimes i feel their speed and relation to the environment is largely off upon scrutiny.

These couple episodes build up another engaging arc in the attack , but has been pretty much random in terms of execution. The colossal titan comes and goes as he pleases and only leaves a menial hole in the wall so that other titans can come in [when he admittedly can destroy the whole structure with a little bit more effort ].

More character development as we see the finer shades of behavior in each character, though they are admittedly overly dramatic sometimes, but hey, it’s humanity’s last bastion and I would know how you would feel [ maybe i don’t ].

Though the main character dying 5 episodes into the series has definitely been a new twist in storytelling and assuming you haven’t been spoiled by the incredibly considerate people who have read the manga, you’d be dying to know what’s next for Eren.








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