Yahari Ore no seishun Love Come wa machigatteru Episode 6

Twin Tails!!!!

Hello! It has been quite some time, huh? Like Keerakun, I have been busy with my projects and school, but now its the holidays! Well for two weeks anyway. But onto a short summary! This episode, Yukino has twin tails! That’s all for the summary! Kidding, this episode they resolve the situation between Yuigahama and Hikigaya. And now, for the thoughts.

More Twintails

Most of this episode is Yukino hanging out with Hikigaya to buy Yuigahama a present for her birthday. Komachi, that sly sister of Hikigaya, sets them up. Well, between the HikixYui pairing and the HikixYuki pairing, I would prefer the HikixYuki pairing. And those twintails! Anyway, Yukino’s sister comes into the picture. Haru.


Now, it seems that there is some sort of tension between the two sisters. It is quite subtle, but there is a show of tension between the two. It’ll probably  come up as an arc regarding Yukino’s family situation, is my take on this. But, they settled Yuigahama’s situation with Hikigaya first.

And now how they settled it. In the end Yuigahama didn’t confess to Hikigaya. I can tell she has feelings for him. Well, everyone knows that. Anyway, how long are they going to prolong that, that is the question. Or does Hikigaya already know? He is very observant, and plus, he can see through people. But, one problem at a time for them I guess. I hope Yuigahama confesses sometime this Season. But then again, we still have Yukino’s family issues. So, we’ll see. As for the next post, it’ll be on Episode 6&7 together since they are connected.



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