Rozen Maiden (2013) Episode 03


Hello, sorry for a 4 episode hiatus. But, I am done with my project so here I am now. In episode 3, Jun finally completes making Shinku. We also get a look at his past. And his relationship with Saitou seems to get better too.



Ok, I would like to talk about his past first. Jun can sew but he keeps it secret because he knew he’d probably be ostracized by his classmates if they’d knew. In that period, it is probably unthinkable for men to be sewing clothes. There is a foundation to his character now. The past tells us a lot about his character. He is probably cynical, seeing as how he is keeping his being able to sew a secret. In the end, his secret was found out in Middle school and that was how be became a shut in.


He couldn’t take the negative comments and this put a psychological barrier and trauma on him. And the thing about it is that, we get to see two paths he took. By that I mean, the Jun who chose to wind Shiku and the Jun who chose not to.


He is also able to communicate with him. Looking at how two parallel paths can cross and interact is a concept not new but when used here is particularly mysterious because of the whole atmosphere and mood of this anime.


Now, we go to the awakening of Shinku. Jun is dragged into an N-field when he sleeps and from there gains the parts to fix Shinku up. It feels as if he is looking for the light in this dark tunnel of a life he is living right now. And when he finds the parts, the light will be found.


Now, I think hair is one of the difficult and tricky things t animate, other than slow motion and stuff. And I like how they animated the hair in this scene. How Shinku’s drills ‘pop’ into place and how the hair flows. They made effort, I’ll give them that. Actually, overall the animators are pretty good and hardworking on the shots and scenes. The wings of Suigintou are CGI and not bad too. So are the petals and feathers that fly around when they (Shinku and Suigintou) fight.


Hope to see you guys again soon!


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