Rozen Maiden Episode 02 [2013]


Hello, in this episode, we discover that there is an alternate reality where Sakurada Jun did not choose to wind Shinku but instead receives a weird package that teaches him how to make Shinku. He then receives an email from the Sakurada Jun from the alternate reality where he did choose to wind Shinku up, saying that Doll No. 7 Kirakisho is on a killing spree and she is winning. The Jun from the “Wind Shinku” reality has his message cut off  halfway, implying that something has happened to him. Coincidentally, a letter arrived for the Jun in the “Did not wind Shinku” reality just as the message was cut off. It said that the series of issues that was teaching him how to make Shinku was discontinued.



Now, this just got interesting. We have an alternate reality where Jun does not wind Shinku but ends up making her. And not only that, the Jun from the “Wind Shinku” reality connected with the Jun from the “Did not wind Shinku” reality. How will the two realities converge or how will they not? I am excited to see that. And how will the story turn out after Jun finishes making Shinku? I do hope they keep twisting the non-linear plot.


On the other hand, Rozen Maiden has good and detailed background. It really fits the mood of this series because of the time frame it is set in. It gives a very surreal look to the anime and at the same time serious. I find the general atmosphere of Rozen Maiden mysterious and unpredictable. Much like the atmosphere of “Another” but without the graphic killings. Or, maybe they will have that, I won’t be surprised. I expect to see good CG from them too, as we have already been given a look at the CG in episode 1.


I would like to clarify that this anime is working with two different realities, not time. Although they may add it into the plot but so far it is alternate reality. For me, the best story regarding time travel is Steins;Gate. Therefore, it is the best time travel anime I have watched. I firmly believe that nothing can best Steins;Gate. I freaking love that show. Ok, I shall hold back on the enthusiastic rant. Moving on, I want to see conflict. How can the two Juns communicate and how will Jun help the Jun from the other reality to defeat Kirakisho?


So, there are actually a lot of anime I am watching this season, this season is great! I can name at least 8. But they all come out on Friday and Saturday that I can watch all of them at once :(). See you next episode!

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