Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Episode 13

And thus, their festival doesn’t end

Hello, this episode is the OVA episode released after episode 12 of Oregairu, but it’s released right after the end so it’s episode 13 in a way. This episode, is like a nice ending to the series, with the Volunteer Club laughing happily together in the clubroom as the show comes to a close. In this episode, the Volunteer Club club helps the Red team in the Sports Festival to win. The Sports Festive divides the school into Team Red and Team White. And again, Hikigaya comes up with some devious plan to win.


Standing Out

And so, this is the true last episode. Although is an OVA. In fact I am starting to doubt it is an OVA. Anyway, I want to talk about the animation in this series, I think their OP and ED is well done, you can see good slow motion shots in the OP and ED. And slow motion is hard to mind you, hard work. Slow motion means more drawing. Kudos to the animation studio, Brain’s Base, for that. But don’t sound so disappointed when I say the OP and ED is good. You can’t expect a slice of life/drama anime series to have epic complicated animation or eye catching CG, now do you? I would say that they didn’t skimp out on drawing frames, although the backgrounds are of the same style as the characters’ style. What I mean is that, you don’t think that the background is especially good and detailed while the characters are comparatively less detailed.


However, don’t let this discourage you from watching anime which animation are not superb or fantastic. I mean, if you watch anime just for good animation, what is the point? I am a more story-oriented person, so that’s why I am saying this. You are following a story, not animation quality per se. When I watched the first season of Monogatari, I didn’t even think about animation, I just thought that it was really funny and has a good plotline. Granted, I have not studied animation foundations yet when I watched it.


Moving on, this series doesn’t have visible CG. I say visible CG because, there are some shots where they use CG instead of hand drawn animation because it is easier and less complicated. It is just that you don’t realize this because it blends in with the animation really well. Like I said, not an action anime.


That’s all for the technical side, and for story I have been talking about it all this time. But let’s do a wrap up, shall we? Overall, I like the conflict and drama this series has. And the the change too, in Yukino. They left the foreshadow of Yukino’s family in the shadows, so I’d expect a Season 2, after they let the LN continue on with enough volumes. Each mini-arc/Arc has conflict in them and its respective solution to it, along with the overall development of the main characters. Hikigaya’s view on things and life is really refreshing, for, though harsh it is realistic and pragmatic. Which I think most slice of life stories I read/watch doesn’t have.

So that wraps up Oregairu S1, and let’s all hope for a season 2!



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