Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Culture Festival Arc


Hello, this is the Cultural Festival Arc. In this arc, we see change in Yukino, where she starts opening up to others, ie. Yui, and starts to rely on people. Also, Sagami, the protagonist of this arc wants to make use of Yukino’s help to let Yukino do all the work herself. However, this plan eventually backfires on her and she goes missing after taking the climax of her stress. Hikigaya manages to find her and get her back but somehow ends up the bad guy as always.


I hate Sagami. She is one mean girl. I’m trying not to use a certain B word that sounds like beach. So, I’ll let you guys figure that out. However, she plays a critical role in helping Yukino to change as a character. Yukino accepts her help to aid her in Committee work, however ends up doing all the work by herself.


“Why does someone who worked her socks off, even by herself, has to be rejected here?” Yes why? Even though she is doing the work for everyone, she is being made to look bad. Yes, doing all the work by yourself is not exactly good, but they don’t have to view her s badly.


You shouldn’t work so hard until you get sick, Yukino! Not for all those ungrateful people, especially that Sagami! She even got sick due to overwork. I feel for her. But you should take care of yourself and rely on others. Which brings me to my next point.



Change. We see change in Yukino as Yui keeps persevering and tries to be friends with her. Yukino is finally starting to open up to Yui and relying on her. I hope to see more of her changing in terms of character and hairstyle.


EXACTLY. To be honest, this is actually true for a lot of managements and committees, etc. We can actually learn a lot from Hikigaya-kun over here. Life lessons from him are very interesting and not to mention true in many aspects. I really hope to hear more of his Philosophies.


And that actually made her laugh, though she covered her laughter. BUT HOW CAN SHE MAKE A STRAIGHT FACE AFTER THAT. Seriously, this girl continues to surprise me.

Culture Festival

And so the Culture festival begins. And as you can see Sagami has stage fright. This is also part of why she goes missing at the end of the Culture Festival. But this gave Yukino the chance to rely on others and this change, I feel is really significant in her.


OUCH. As always, Hikigaya chooses the most harshest of ways to solve a problem. But serve her right! Give it to her! But of course he ends up the bad guy. I feel that he is unappreciated and misunderstood. Often, he does things to help people that has to make him sacrifice something and people don’t realize that. He is often alone but that doesn’t mean he is a bad person or anything.


But all is fine, as we got to see Yukino in a ponytail! This girl can be so cute sometimes. This is where she finally rely on others around her not just Yui. She relied on Haru and Hiratsuka-sensei too. A very significant scene in terms of how she has changed.


And so, the Cultural Festival comes to an end and Sagami still has her stage fright. Everyone still hates Hikigaya, everyone except Yui and Yukino. And they are still happily spending time together i the clubroom. I’d say it is a pretty good way to end the series. This series has been something like a Slice of Life for me, as you can really learn stuff form Hikigaya and from the many situations in this series. But I know, it doesn’t have that feel, but it is also how one sees something. And with that, I do hope for a season 2! Episode 13 is an OVA and will be covered after I finish Date A Live.

Happy New Season!


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