Date A Live Kotori Arc


Hello, in this episode Kotori goes on a date with Shido and gets her powers sealed. However, origami comes in with White Licorice to kill Kotori and have revenge. How will this play out? Well, eventually Kotori’s powers got sealed with the help of  Tohka and Yoshino suppressing Origami. And we get to look at the swimsuit figures of Yoshino and Kotori and Tohka.


The Talk

Brother and sister have the talk. And revelations of what happened 5 years ago surfaces bit by bit. 5 years ago, Kotori became a spirit and started a huge fire that killed origami’s parents. But she didn’t kill her parents per se. And Shido seems to know something about what really happened 5 years ago.


Origami is set on avenging her parents. Eventually she’ll find out about Kotori and proceed to kill her.

White Licorice

The foreshadow is strong in this one. It is almost obvious, well in my opinion it IS obvious and I kind of knew that she would use this to try and kill Kotori and fail even though the translation of the LN haven’t reached this far.


But no matter because we have our cute little Yoshino! Seriously, she always is so cute /w/ And thus, mankind received a happy reminder – of how cute Yoshino is. Really, even the non-lolicons have to love her and adore her and find her cute. Which means the whole world finds her cute, since 90% are lolicons and the rest also find her cute. Oh yoshino, you.

Kotori Swimsuit

Somehow, it seems disappointing after looking at Yoshino. What loli power she has, that girl Yoshino. Even a twintailed imouto tsundere in a swimsuit cannot defeat her after that.

Kotori… … …

Kotori… … … such innocent love for her brother. I am really glad Shido finally man-ed up after seeing that and brought her to an amusement park to have fun. After all, it is the innocent wish of his little sister to have fun with him. At this point, you can see how well Shido knows Kotori, such that he can even make her happy.


Oh, so cute! This girl, finally showing her dere side to us. AHHHHH, this anime. I want to hug her right now. She is so innocent for having misunderstood Shido. But still, I am glad she did. I haven’t read that far into the LN so I am also hit by her moe shot.


And so, as expected Origami tries to kill Kotori, but is stopped by Tohka and Yoshino. She is, however still hellbent on having her revenge, even if Kotori is human again.


However, Kotori is strong. Actually, very strong. She would’ve killed Origami, if not for Origami’s words. Kotori found out from Origami that she had killed Origami’s parent. This, having been a big shock to her, made her put down her weapon. This shows that she still has here humanity, and Shido rushes in… …


And thus, after a lovely dovey mutual confession from both brother and sister, they kiss. Kotori’s powers are sealed and Origami faints from using the White Licorice. And that marks the end of this Anime. For me, this aime has been really fun, seeing the characters comes to life from the book. And I hope you had fun watching it too! And… …


Season 2!

YES! Season 2! Season 2 is going to be a new plot for me as the translation is currently halted on Kotori’s arc. So yes, I am very excited, and I hope you guys are too! See you!

Happy New Anime Season!


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