Rozen Maiden Episode 01 [2013]


Rozen Maiden: 2013 Re-make

OP: [私の薔薇を喰みなさい] by ALI PROJECT

ED: [Alternative] by Annabel

Plot Summary: Sakurada Jun receives a doll after replying to a letter. Surprisingly, when he wound the doll up, it moved and talked like a normal Human. And this, his everyday life gets dragged into this world, the world the Rozen Maidens live in. And so once again, the Alice Game begins. The quests for the Rosa Mystica puts Jun in all sorts or danger.

Rozen Maiden Doll No. 5

Episode Summary: So, in this episode, Jun winds up Shinku, Rozen Maiden Doll No. 5. And his hectic life full of danger begins. Suigintou immediately comes in to “welcome” Shinku. And a battle begins. Fortunately, Suigintou retreats after Jun releases some sort of power from his ring – the ring he was given to my Shinku. And so, more dolls starts appearing one after another. Suiseiseki crashes into Jun’s window to ask Shinku for help as her twin sister, Souseiseki, got taken hostage. Souseiseki opens up a dream world and fights her twin, however lost. She gave up her Rosa Mystica to Suiseiseki but it got snatched away by Suigintou. Next, Hinaichigo got eaten by the 7th doll, who has no physical body, but as a last stance gives her Rosa Mystica to Shuinku because she loves her.



To be honest, I was having doubts about whether to watch this. But I love the Suigintou X Shinku art on Pixiv and so I downloaded this. I did not watch the old version of this, so I am watching it with a fresh opinion, I guess? Those who watched the older version feel free to make comparisons! Anyway, when I watched this, I knew I am going to follow through this all the way. Because of this scene. The scene where Shinku bitchslaps Jun. Yes, and called him her manservant.


And yes! Suigintou! I like this character type. And she’s so awesome! And cute, and cool! Seriously, the Pixiv artists were right. SuixShin maybe the OTP of this Anime for me. And those wings. WINGS! I am looking foward to more of her.

Become One

To be honest, she died pretty quickly, not to mention anti-climatically as well. However, I do not get why she died which is a fatal flaw. Unless its a horror movie or thriller where people die just because. But, it may be revealed in later stages of the anime or they just didn’t think to animate that part. No Spoilers though! And Suigintou, how devious snatching away her Rosa Mystica. I like her more already.

I- I’m being… eaten?

… … …

It’s all coming together. Similarity 1: Twintail drills. Similarity 2: Blonde. Similarity 3: Lonely. Therefore, I can conclude that if you’re blonde, with twintail drills and am lonely, you can very well be eaten. Joking. I’m joking. No- No don’t AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



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