Date A Live Kurumi Arc

Tokisaki Kurumi

Hello, so in this post, we basically cover Kurumi’s arc and how she tried to eat Shido. And it is also revealed that Kotori is a spirit. Shido dates Kurumi Tohka and Origami at the same time but will that work out well for him? And it is then that he truly realizes the truth of Kurumi.



Mana has been introduced! Shido’s long lost biological sister! And so, like all sisters and step sisters, they must stat a fight for their beloved Onii-chan! Kotori vs. Mana, who do you want to win? Although for me it is Kotori. First, she has twin tails. Second, she has twin tails. And third, she has twin tails. So of course she wins, right?


Shido’s second date with Tohka and at the same time his first date with Origami and Kurumi. Three timing. Really, what is he thinking. But on the other hand he an teleport. However, this is a new high for Shido as he runs around to satisfy three ladies.

Stomach Ache

And this is his excuse???!!! And Tohka believes him! Well, it is Tohka we are talking about. But, Origami believes it too. This cliche overused excuse. However, Kurumi seems to have noticed but doesn’t mind.

Kurumi shows her true side.

When Shido finds Kurumi, this is what he sees. A pool of blood with Kurumi in the middle. Now, this is what we have been waiting for. Kurumi craziness! And so, we shall expect much more from her in times to come.

Rooftop Battle

The big battle between Kurumi and practically everyone except Yoshino. Shido goes to the roof but failed to convince Kurumi. She reveals her Angel, Zafkiel. With the ability to control time, even Mana who has been killing her all this while, is incapacitated. However… … …

Kotori Spirit

Kotori comes to save the day as she transforms into a Spirit! Yes! Kotori is also a spirit! And she looks good at that. And that means… … Date! Date! Date! Coming up after the next post. And yes, I know this series has ended, but explaining my academic work won’t get me anywhere. Oh, school. Always will find some way to screw you. But I will finish it all up today, so don’t worry everyone! AND HAPPY NEW ANIME SEASON!


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