Monogatari S2: The Side of the Tiger

Let us usher in the new season with luscious assets, intriguing plot devices and countless sexual innuendos!



Alright, brash intro aside, many people weren’t too satisfied with what was the lewd-fest called Nisemonogatari- so this next chapter in the Monogatari has to make up for it [rightfully].



Did Hanekawa just sing about Chocolate in its very first OP ? Probably that was the reason i felt ecstatic during the fluffy and lighthearted opening sequence – really stylistic as always anyway, SHAFT.

This series starts off with the Nekomonogatari ( white ) arc, where Hanekawa supposedly discovers another entity [ as if the two cats weren’t enough ] inside of her after the Golden Week arc.

Araragi goes missing after having been pulverized at the end of Nisemonogatari; going on a ‘soul-searching’ journey of his own. Well , he’s a boy right ? so we’re pretty sure he can take care of himself well enough.

On the first day of the new term Hanekawa crosses path with Hachikuji, who happens to have left her backpack in Araragi’s house after ‘being dragged away’ by him the previous night.

Shortly after the encounter, a giant,l white tiger Oddity enters the human realm and crosses Hanekawa; she could only stand still in shock as the beast walks towards her.

At school, Hanekawa enlightens Senjougahara about the encounter. They also wonder where Araragi’s gone off to; Senjougahara advises Hanekawa that it is alright for her to rely on Araragi more often.

Upon entering the classroom, Senjougahara notices a fire in the distance- Hanekawa quickly followed and confirms that her house is on fire.

Hanekawa then stands still in front of the remnants of what used to be ‘her home’; rummaging what she could find , she quickly goes to the cram school ruins to stay for the nights to come.

Senjougahara searches all night for the saint, and eventually finding her in the cram school ruins.

She slapped Hanekawa in succession pretty hard, chastising her for being so nonchalant about her own well-being. Senjougahara then invites her to stay at her house for the time being.

Inside her house, they have a lengthy chat about Araragi’s whereabouts… and

taking a shower together.


Continuing from the clutter that was the end of Nisemonogatari, we get an insight into Hanekawa’s never-before-seen personal life. However, just as we get a glimpse of what her personal life looks like, it gets swallowed in the flames. There are obviously connections between Hanekawa’s disregard for filial ties, the white tiger and the fire itself.

It was also very satisfying to see full frames of animations unlike *cough* zooming and panning across high res images *cough* that is typical of previous season’s anime. As redundant as some of the sequences maybe [cue high shutter speed head tilt], it’s still a plus in the animation department.  Additionally, the visual style of Monogatari has been maintained, which is crucial to the development of the story – another plus.

Expect more of the usual head tilts, redundant full frames, ubiquitous innuendos and stripping

My body is always ready





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