Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa machigatteiru Episode 9

Yui in Yukata

Hello, it’s been quite some time, but let’s get to the summary first. In this episode, Komachi sets up a Summer Festival flag for Hikigaya and Yui and they go watch fireworks together. More stuff revealed about Yukino’s family and the accident Hikigaya had while trying to save Yui’s dog is brought up again. And we end with an awkward atmosphere between Hikigaya and Yukino when the new trimester begins.


Train Station

So, it has been a while. I have been busy with school work but I can finally catch some sort of breath. I hope to finish all the stuff I missed by this week, since new anime are coming out and I am going to have bucket loads of work shoved at me again. Ok, so this awkward moment between them as they wait for the train with nothing to say, would undoubtedly be a date flag. Of course, by courtesy of Komachi. I like how Komachi keeps doing this to her brother. But, it would be nice for her to show some signs of Brocon and for Hikigaya to show his Siscon side.


Well, this lucky *censored*. It’s another flag. The ‘train suddenly stops and a cute girl bumps into me’ flag. These two, should just go out already, and then Yukino would find herself and realize that she likes Hikigaya and fights Yui for him. Then, Hikigaya would slowly start to look at Yukino more and realize that he actually liked Yukino all along. Yui ends up heartbroken but is determined to fight on for her love and continues to fight. And Yukino starts dating Hikigaya. But! Hiratsuka sensei actually likes young boys- woah, I should stop. Ok, just to confirm, the moment I saw the first episode, I shipped Hikigaya and Yukino. HikixYuki pair, you have my vote.


This is kind of like a Yui special episode so there’ll be lots of Yui pictures. I like Yui in her Yukata. Yukatas are awesome. So are Miko, School Uniforms, Sailor Fuku and Maid. That’s all I think of. I hope to see more flags triggered, but with Yukino. I think, Hikigaya is warming up to her.

That’s one way to put it.

Well, that’s one way to put it. His phrasings are so refreshing. I could use this in real life. Don’t underestimate me, I do use technical, albeit weird, phrasings in real life! Anyway, moving on. He is being used as a judging asset as Yui’s friends judge her, when they saw her with him. I do not like that bunch already. Also, it’s kind of like a foreshadow.


And coincidentally, they meet Haruno, Yukino’s older sister. And more of Yukino’s family is revealed. I can’t wait for them to elaborate on this. There will definitely be some sort of arc on this. I hope it’s in season 2. But first, I hope for a season 2.


With that serious face, it looks like she’s on some important mission to save the world and this is her last chance to talk to Hikigaya. But, no. They are talking about Yukino as they were reminded about the accident Hikigaya had. And it is revealed that Yukino was in the car.


I really thought she was going to confess. Why???? Why did that cellphone ring??? But alas, it wouldn’t be as climatic as I would’ve wanted it to be if she really confessed right there and then. And on that note, this is the end of my thoughts on this episode. Next, would be Episode 10, 11 and 12. And hopefully, I can catch up on Date A Live. Yoshino is so cute.

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