Date A Live Episode 6


Hello, again so soon after the last post. This episode is about Shido and co going to the Onsen (Hot Springs) and the AST facing obstacles set by the Fraxinus crew, preventing them from going to the Onsen.



So, like I said, this is like a filler episode but it’s also fun. Kotori’s Tsundere side shows up and it’s not very often she shows this. Come to think of it, she had a sharp turn in character change at the start of the series. And all of a sudden she’s not a moe Imouto anymore but a Brocon Tsundere Imouto. But things get exiting as the Fraxinus fights off the AST with their Takoyaki bullets and Yakisoba missiles.


Yoshinon! And finally Shido and co got caught in the Town-wide battle between Fraxinus and AST. Yoshinon gets blown away, leaving Yoshino devastated. Shido promises to return Yoshinon. Touka looks worriedly at Shido’s back and Reine, just sits there, looking at the sky. What will happen? Tune in next week!


No, it doesn’t end there. How could it? How can one stand to watch this cute crying Yoshino? On that note, I believe 90% of the world’s population are Lolicons. Therefore, it is not allowed. WE SHALL FIND YOSHINON AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR MAKING OUR LOLI PRINCESS CRY! So, go get ’em Shido.

Snappy snappy

And here we can see the captain snap. She went crazy all right. But all that stress has to go somewhere don’t it? And so we have finally come to the end. Kannazuki, who was punished by Kotori dug up an Onsen and so Shido and co went there for their Onsen needs while the AST managed to reach their destination. Next, the Kurumi Arc!


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