Date A Live Episode 5


Hello, I have been lagging behind on this series, so let me catch up before I move back to Oregairu. In this episode, the Yoshino arc comes to a close and Yoshino’s powers are sealed.


I’ll save you

Well said Shido. So, like I said ages ago. It’s moving pretty fast. I think they should slow down a bit though. But the last episode stopped at more or less where the translation at BakaTsuki stopped, so I guess I’m fine with that. I was pretty sure this is going to be a 26 episode anime. I didn’t check the episode cap for this. Actually, I don’t check for episode caps.


Moving on, Origami sure is eccentric and how they portrayed her was like how I imagined her to be in my head. The seduction scene is full of Origami’s eccentricity. This scene more or less went according to the book. But I don’t have perfect memory so maybe I’m wrong. But, more or less, it was how I remembered it.

Yoshino sealed

And at the end of the episode, Yoshino’s powers are sealed by Shido with a kiss. This scene needs more Yoshino. They kind of ended it abruptly for me, with that rainbow and all and cutting to the ED. But well, this is another short episode. As in not much plot twisting and introductions. The next episode is kind of a filler, to the personally awaited Tokisaki Kurumi Arc. So, see you soon.


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