Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Episode 5

New ED Sequence

Hello, Buffalomeat here with Oregairu Episode 5. This week the Service Club helps Kawasaki Saki with her problems. It seems that she is working till really late into the morning to earn money from cram school. Her brother’s worried and his friend happens to be Hikigaya’s little sister. The Service Club met them by coincidence at a fast food restaurant. Since Kawasaki is a student of the school, they help her out. The Service club, that is. And when all that’s solved, it is revealed that Yui is actually the girl whose dog was saved by Hikigaya. And that Hikigaya has some kind of trauma with nice girls. 

-Summary End-


Sensei… … Her weakness revealed. What will come of it? Is she still able to save the world infested with plague worms? Will she find her strength once again as she have in the Great War? Anyway, Sensei was completely shot down by Kawasaki. A fortress, that she is. And I like her voice, it adds to the “fortress” image with that deep voice of hers. Kawasaki has one long ponytail, has that rebellious look. I like her ponytail. 


It seems that Yukinon has a soft spot for cats (or cute things in general for that matter). How clever of her to make use of her plan and use it to her advantage. But, alas, the trap to have Kawasaki get lured by the cat backfired as Yukinon got trapped instead. But at least they found out where she is working at. 

Meido Yui

No, it wasn’t a maid cafe too bad guys. However, we did get to see Yui and Yukinon in maid costume. Yui is growing on me, this girl. Next, Kawasaki’s actual workplace. 

Yu X Yuki

It’s a high class bar. And these two are looking classy. I like how Yukinon tied her hair into a ponytail and let it rest on her shoulders. And Yui too, that short ponytail style. It’s the ponytail syndrome!


And after Kawasaki’s problem solved, the drama kicks in. Yui is probably in love with Hikigaya. Things are looking out to be this way. How are they going to solve this? We shall wait and see in the next episode! And with Hikigaya’s past trauma with nice girls, will he be able to accept Yui? Tune in next week! 

-Thoughts End-

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