Date A Live Episode 4


Hello! Sorry for the late post on this. One word > School. Always and will be a female dog. You know what I mean. Anyway, this episode Tohka cooks cookies for Shido ( she wasn’t shown cooking) and Origami competes with Tohka for Shido. Also, Tohka is living with Shido now. And Kotori put Shido through many “trials” to help him get “accustomed” to girls. Basically lots of fan service. Next, Yoshinon makes her official appearance. Shido makes contact with her without Tohka knowing, but their little “tryst” was discovered by Tohka and Yoshinon summons her angel. Yoshinon flees and is Lost. Lost meaning she went back to where ever she came from.

-Summary End-


The anime is moving at a fast rate, and to be honest I’d reckon they’ll go past where I stopped at pretty soon. For the benefit of those who don’t know, I’m reading the Light Novel. This is the section where I lay down my thoughts. Hi. Well, this episode has more fan service than the last. Mainly, we get to see Tohka’s censored b00bs. A suggestive picture will be shown at the end of all this.


Tohka doesn’t really like Shido going around soliciting spirits. No, she doesn’t. At the current moment, Tohka doesn’t know what Shido is trying to do. But, it’s a RomCom, even if she gets it she wouldn’t like it but mainly she competes against Origami. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention.


LOLICONS OF THE WORLD REJOICE!!! For a loli has been bestowed upon you! Yes, meet Yoshinon/Yoshino the loli character of this series. Kotori is a loli character too, but she’s in the Imouto class. Yoshinon is pure loli.


This is Yoshino’s angel. <Zadkiel> It belongs to the Ice element. Ok, I made it up. But it uses ice powers and anything related, like water. I was talking about this last week. Angel is the term they give to the weapons of the spirits. Yoshino unleashes Zadkiel whenever the rabbit doll is separated from here or when she feels threatened.


And so as for next week, they are probably going to show Shido infiltrating Origami’s house. And that’s all I have for you.

-Thoughts End-



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