Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Episode 4


Hello, it’s Oregairu again! This time Hikigaya’s little sister is introduced and the truth was revealed about the traffic accident flashback in episode 2. Then, we have Hayama going to the Service club for help. Spam mails has been circulating around his class and its contents seem to badmouth Hayama’s friends. Hayama wants to resolve this incident so he asks the Service club for help. That’s basically it. Hikigaya figured out how to solve this problem by observing Hayama’s friends.

Sensei Punch

-Summary End-


This episode was entertaining as with the other episodes. I hope they keep it up. Now, this episode we see Hikigaya’s little sister! She’s the exact opposite of her elder brother. But it looks like she’s going to be a nice character. So far it has only been people coming to the Service club for help and the club helps them out. But they can’t keep this pattern up for long, it’s going to get repetitive. Hopefully the new character they showed at the end would add some sort of drama to the series.

New Chara

She’s totally my type by the way. Let’s hope she has some twisted personality.


Do not cross that line Hikigaya!!! This anime might take a turn for a Yaoi setting! All who aren’t into Yaoi watch out! All who are into it though, good for you I guess? Ah, by the way I go for Yuri. Since we are on the topic. There isn’t a “straight” genre so I didn’t bother saying that but I go for normal romcom(s) too.


And so we are at the end of the opinion section, all in all I hope the drama get going soon since this isn’t a comedy driven anime. We can actually see a plot, unlike comedy driven anime where there isn’t a set plot. On that note, I recommend Yuyushiki. It’s a good comedy anime for this season. Full of laughs.

A new look?

 -My Thoughts End-

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