Shingeki No Kyojin EP 3 – Rebuilding mankind

Sorry for the late posts, thing have been very busy.


Eren and gang start their military training at the ripe age of 16. They go through grueling processes to strengthen themselves in order to effectively face the giants [Eoten].

Sasha Braus joins the fray of main characters, with her introduction being particularly full of potatoes.

Eren has everything but the physical ability to balance himself in preparation for the crucial Multiaxial gear that every scouting legion member will have to don. Slightly disheartened, he goes around looking for advice to better himself.

In the process he discovers that many people joined the military only for social status – and makes a few new comrades.

On the day of his final trial, he discovers that his saddle was defective all along, and he managed to balance himself for a moment before falling face-straight into the ground.

And so our group are ready for their arduous journey against the Eoten.


With the inclusion of none other than ‘Potato Girl’ Sasha Braus, we have Shingeki go on a slightly more relaxed pace – a nice break from all that gore in the first two episodes.

Though for the sake of the narrative, the hilarity of Potato Girl was slightly out of place due to how spontaneous her appearance is – eating potatoes in broad daylight on the parade square. It is a love-hate thing, given how tongue-in-cheek eating potatoes during military training is. I don’t blame you though, Sasha, you’ve definitely made an impression on all of us we will expect more [potato] action from you in the future.

We see that Eren is becoming more and more of a likeable main character as he has displayed traits of a honorable warrior – setting pride and ego aside to do what he has to do. yes, for all we care, he could have gone down that typical ‘egotistical-badass-wannabe’ path and become an archetypal maniac who just wants to kill. Good that he didn’t.

That said, this episode was really entertaining and concluded Eren’s military journey concisely.

Bring on the dazzling multiaxial action!



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