Date A Live Episode 3


Hell, Buffalomeat here! Amazing how hello is just an “o” away from hell, huh? Literally. Now, for Date A Live Episode 3 summary. In episode 3, Tohka goes on a date with Shido. However, during their date, Origami found out that Tohka has appeared. Thus, the AST was informed. At the end of the date, Origami attempts to snipe Tohka but Shido, who suddenly felt a sharp instinct, pushed Tohka out of the way and got shot instead. Shido lost a life that day. However, he restarts from his last save and kisses Tohka, thereby stopping her out of control berserk(ing) on Origami. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they will explain this the next episode so I’m not going to explain this as it would be kind of a spoiler.

-Summary End-


And now, the thoughts. Before that though, I want to know – Do the readers actually want a summary? It has been on my mind the first time I heard I needed to summarize each episode. Wouldn’t you have seen the episode by the time you read this? I don’t know, but for me I would have. Of course there’s the option of skipping the summary.

Ok, this episode showed the lax side of Tohka whose guard was always up till now. And we learned that Tohka is a glutton. Personally, that’s a cute character trait for Tohka. There’s not much to say about the date. It’s basically the animators animating Tohka’s cuteness with a  #((´ω`))# on their faces.


On the more heavy side, the date ends with Shido’s death. Now, how can the main character die? The main character always pull through a tough situation, that’s usually the case. But in this case, yes he died. But he can revive himself. At first, I had a “what?!” reaction. That was confusion and shock. Then it was explained that he can somehow revive and they (Kotori and co.) do not know how or why. And I had a “what…” that stands for that’s a shallow explanation. But they eventually reveal the secret. It’s a spoiler, so I’m not saying.

Dead End

However, it was cool to see Tohka’s Angel’s ultimate form – Sandalphon Halvanhelev. “Angel” is the term for a Spirit’s weapon. They would probably use the term next episode when Yoshino goes berserk. < Not a spoiler, preview shows that scene. But, it was surprising how the scene was exactly how imagined it to be in my head when reading the novel.


There’s a scene where Origami breaks down because she shot Shido dead. I like how they closed up on her trembling eyes, but it just wasn’t intense enough you know? It should be like those frightened expressions in Corpse Party (Manga).


The sealing kiss. For some reason, Shido has this power to seal a spirit’s power and render them powerless. This was found out when *censored*. The reason why he can do that, even I do not know. This series is different Oregairu, if you haven’t noticed. Since I know what’s going to happen, so I’m mainly going to talk about why the anime didn’t show this and that and other stuff.

Meido Reine

Reine is still my favorite character.  O(≧▽≦)O

-Thoughts End-


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