Yahari ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteru Episode 3

Yukinon vs Yumiko

Hello again, Buffalomeat here. First off, I want to say that I’ll be waiting for Date A Live’s actual air instead of the pre-air, so the weekly schedule for said anime will change a bit. Now, for the summary of Oregairu Episode 3. In this episode, Hikigaya sits on a staircase at the back of the school, eating lunch. Yuigahama appears and talks to him (random stuff) and a new character is introduced – Totsuka Saika.

Totsuka Saika

He seems to have some trouble with the tennis club he is in and wants Hikigaya to help him out. The service club then trains him to become better. However, the antagonist – Yumiko obstructs their training by wanting to use the court to play tennis. And hence started their tennis battle for the tennis court. Yuigahama teams up with Hikigaya but Yuigahama sprains her ankle mid-way through the game and Yukinoshita tags in. They won. Yes, they won against Yumiko who’s a Middle school champion at tennis.

-Summary End-


I spoke too soon. Remember what I said about how this anime is going to open with the wise words of Hikigaya followed by OP then Sensei lecture? Nope, the anime started out quite normal for this episode. You got me there, Oregairu producers. Anyway, my thoughts on this episode. They introduced a boy-looks-like-a-girl character. FAIL. Unless he (essentially still a guy, hence “he”) meets the standard of Urushibara Ruka (Steins;Gate) or Hideyoshi (Baka Test) it’s a fail. That’s my standard.


This episode is a tennis episode and I have never watched King of Tennis but I bet it’s way better. No offence. I’m not the sports anime type so go figure. There are many magic shots that are over-exaggerated with overly epic names (courtesy of Zaimokuza) which makes it funny to watch.

Hikigaya’s turn

In my opinion, Yukinoshita is skilled but Hikigaya is cooler when he showed his moves. Although it wasn’t skill, he used his forever-alone knowledge and won the match. These were his two finishers:

Eulen Sylphide

Meteor Strike

I swear, this guy’s naming sense…… As you can see, not read but see, this post was a lot of pictures compared to my other posts. Of course, I can’t win Keerakun in terms of quantity of pictures in a post. Kudos to you, sir. However, and this is unrelated and I’m changing the subject, we got to see a cool side of Hikigaya today. I must say, it’s kind of anticipated. He gives off that “has no friends and always alone but is actually really strong but doesn’t show it unless he needs to” feeling/aura after today. Again, his moves weren’t skill. But he still gives that kind of aura. And Zaimokuza should totally butt in at every chance he has. This guy is awesome. On the other hand, I would expect to see some kind of serious drama like development soon (like episode 6 onward?). It feels like it’s going to happen. And so let’s end off with a nice quote from Hikigaya (unofficial).

Fuck You Youth!

-My Thoughts End-


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