Shingeki No Kyojin EP 2 – Mankind is still falling

After the destruction of wall Maria, the populace of the city flee into the inner two walls and face famine and food shortage problems as a result of the titan attack.

Eren is still very much distraught over the death of his mother, and how the defenders of the city acted during the Titans’ attack.

The siege of the city somehow stopped and the refugees of the Maria wall reclaimed Maria, albeit suffering heavy casualty. They also cultivated the fields at outer walls once again to improve the living conditions of the people.

Yearning to take revenge on the colossal beasts, Eren , along with his two other friends enlist for the army.


Kept the summary as simple as possible because that’s all that happened and I’ve more to say over here.

There are gaping plot holes within the story — why did the titans stop attacking after they have decimated the walls so easily ? Moreover, where did that gargantuan Titan from the first episode go to ? He couldn’t have just ‘gone home’ after being summoned by some lightning, right ? It was as if they left these crucial points out in the screenplay and just assumed many things.

Not everyone normally read the manga or source material, so animation screenplay must be coherent for all viewers to enjoy. That is all I’m saying. Let us hope they clear these things up in the future episodes, because at the current progression, it’s honestly quite haphazard and half-filled.

Though, the character development can turn out to be quite interesting. as i foresee Eren going down multiple archetypal paths:

1) He becomes a mighty warrior who lusts for merely revenge on the Titans

2) He gains some rationality and ponders why the titans are actually attacking ( plot twist imminent?)

3) Everyone dies

Whatever happens, it’s going to be packed with warriors flying around with jet-packs and whizzing from rooftop to rooftop [ in real-time 3d environments !] — and of course, gore !





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