Date A Live Episode 1


If only there was an imouto to drop kick you awake every morning, life would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, on to the episode summary. Let me say this first, there’s no OP and ED information because I’m waiting for the OP ED to be aired “properly”.  I’ll post the information then. However, I will post the information on the next episode.

This anime is basically about this guy, Itsuka Shido, who has the power to take away a spirit’s powers by kissing them. What are Spirits? They are mysterious lifeforms that causes the Sacequakes when they appear on Earth. Spacequakes destroys everything in the area they affect. To the commoner, Spacequakes are a natural disaster. The existence of Spirits are a secret. In this episode Shido encounters a spacequake right on the first day of school. However, he does not go into the shelter as he is worried about his sister, Itsuka Kotori. He had a promise with his sister to meet at a family restaurant and on his way there, a Spacequake appears before him. And in the middle of the crater made by said Spacequake is – Yatogami Touka (yet to be named). After which the AST ( Anti Spirit Team) come to fight her. And Tobiichi Origami is one of them. During their fight, Shido fell unconscious and was tele’d by Fraxinus (the airship). And it was then revealed that Kotori is the Commander of the ship and also the Commander of a group formed to prevent spacequakes without killing the Spirits, Ratatoskr. Basically that’s a summary of the episode.

My thoughts on the first episode. I am complaining about the poor quality of the upload, however that has nothing to do with the production company, AIC +. I’m not going to talk about the quality of animation etc very much on this one, because of the quality as it won’t do AIC + any good. As far as the story goes, as with all anime adaptations they will leave out some things. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, Date A live is a light novel. They decided to go with a straightfoward introduction and introduce the characters’ details with a side panel introduction. It’s great for a trailer or pre-air but for a first episode? Hmmm, well not to say it’s a bad thing but maybe that’s the feel they are going for. It reminds me of BakaTest though. The pace is good, it’s not too slow nor too fast. The first episode of an anime is very important. This first episode is like an introduction episode, which I prefer they save it for a trailer. It has that feel. But taking into consideration the comedy element, it would be one way to start an episode. However, for those of you looking for a complicated plot like Steins;Gate. Well, you might want to check out Steins;Gate. The plot of Date A Live is not complicated, but the story is interesting. If you go for Action Love Comedy, this is the anime for you this season. On a side note, you might like Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu (Blade Dance).

Reine Love!

Let’s show some Reine Love! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ This is my first anime review, any suggestions are welcome!


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  1. Needs more screen caps mate, no matter how ‘bad-looking’ it is

    Other than that, it may look like another pandering anime ( like most of what people watch, ho ho ho ), but i’ll reserve my judgements for later


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