Buffalomeat Has Joined The Order

First, I want to say – Do Not Panic! to all the other writers on this blog. Keerakun has invited me to write on this blog and I am now doing an introduction of sorts  (*´・v・). I met Keerakun in school and he happened to be my classmate. \(^ ^)/

Well then, I am Buffalomeat and have been watching anime and reading manga for some time now. I started Light Novels recently too. Yoroshiku ne! Now, since this is an anime blog, maybe I should say my all time favourites. Two lines for an introduction is kind of lacking, don’t you think? ⊂((・▽・))⊃

First off and in no particular ranking order, is Clannad. Now this one, is good. It has that slice of life factor (more in After Story, really). A good plot and really toching. Great for those who like a good love story that doesn’t talk about a guy in love and never confessing and doesn’t seem to graduate from High School.

Next, is a classic. Konjiki no Gash Bell. Never heard of it? Well, maybe you were too old to be watching TV then (I’m 18 and stopped watching TV 4 years ago (・◇・)). But, this is a good classic anime. Change is very apparent in this particular anime. And by change I mean in terms of storytelling. The change in a character. Image from Google.

Onto something more recent? Steins;Gate. Give 5pb and Nitroplus the theme of Time and this is what you get – a non-linear plot with a complicated development. Now, Steins;Gate, I believe have to watched twice. Once you know everything, it is that much cooler! Image from Google.

Gintama. Just Because it’s so damn funny.

Monogatari series. Shaft (the production company in charge of this anime) did a good job animating monogatari. The Monogatari series has some pretty interesting cut scenes. And of course he story is good too, but the Light Novels are more interesting to read as there are lots of funny epic nonsensical stuff Nishio Ishin writes. (^ω^)Again, image from Google.

Ok, I guess that’s the end of my introduction. It would be my first time reviewing anime but we all have to start somewhere right? Let’s end off with my Spring Anime To-Watch list! >>>

Date A Live
Love Come
Hyakka Ryouran
Oreimo 2
Nyaruko w
Hentai Ouji

Saint Oniisan

Hope to see you soon! (*≧▽≦)


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