Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo Review – Welcome to Sakurasou


J.C Staff has really done it.

It’s quite rare to see anime that evokes the passion from within you and relates to you on many levels.

It has a pretty simple premise – Sakurasou is , by definition, a dormitory for the rejects and deviants of Japanese society and norms. Kanda Sorata, second-year student , moves into Sakurasou because he can’t help but keep stray cats in the school’s dormitories — which is obviously against the rules.

Other than that, Sakurasou is probably just a dorm with really affordable rates, so let’s just keep it at that.

Just kidding. The dorm’s special for some reason, and i’ll tell you why:

Sorata Kanda 








Perhaps the only ‘socially acceptable’, ‘normal’ guy living in the dorm. Because of this, he supposedly lacks any sort of unique talent.

Mashiro Shiina


Niece of the dorm’s teacher, Chihiro Sengoku. Moved to Japan to become a big hit in the manga scene. Extremely oblivious to social norms, but is uncompromising when it comes to work-related matters. Obviously there is some truth in the title being ‘Sakurasou’s pet girl’.

Nanami Aoyama

download (1)







Sorata’s childhood friend and an aspiring voice actress, moves into Sakurasou later despite initial reluctance. Selflessly serious about work and social matters.

Misaki Kamiigusa

download (4)







Third-year at Sakurasou and animator extraordinaire.  Has ADHD and seemingly never runs out of juice even on the darkest of days. Always brightens up Sakurasou.


Jin Mitaka 

download (3)











A male Third-year at Sakurasou who’s an elegant socialite, ‘pimping’ all night long with other females outside of Sakurasou, but still a mature and responsible person overall. A remarkable scriptwriter nevertheless, though.

Ryuunosuke Akasaka


download (2)


Second-year programming prodigy at Sakurasou who seemingly never comes out of his room. Is supposedly a hikikomori ( shut-in ), but is shown to be professional in work-related issues and approaches to life.

Chihiro Sengoku

images (1)







Art teacher responsible for the students at Sakurasou. Mostly nonchalant about the issues going on in the dorm and likes to her students deal with it themselves.


Combine all these folks together, and you’ve got one hell of a time in Sakurasou.

For the first twelve episodes, Sorata struggles with his inner-self, contemplating whether to leave the exotic inhabitants of Sakurasou or stay there and become one of them.

At the same time, he witnesses the exceptional abilities that the residents possess and he becomes depressed about his own inability — particularly Shiina Mashiro, who happens to be a world-renowned painter of all sorts. This triggered a soul-searching journey within Sorata himself. With all the trouble Shiina Mashiro has caused him, despite herself being a ‘genius’, both of them help each other discover the sides of them that they never knew existed.

That’s the beauty of it, because ‘geniuses draw them to you and rip you to shreds’, but Sorata didn’t give in to that. He chose to embrace that ‘destructive’ side of geniuses and lived with it. Particularly in the case of Shiina Mashiro, she was awakened to her ignorance towards the social side of life and slowly learned to change into a more substantive individual. Sorata finally found his life’s passion – to make video games – and chose to stick to it, much like the prodigies of Sakurasou.

A very engaging first-half about the interpersonal aspect of interacting with people of different cognitive abilities and finding your common ground with them.

‘What colour do you want to be?’ A question that all of us should answer in the journey we call life.

As much as we love ‘Sorata x Mashiiro’ or ‘Sorata x Nanamin’, I can’t help but see the second half turned into a rather generic love triangle. I shouldn’t elaborate on it, because you probably know what i’m talking about.

Really indecisive and haphazard about the love story here, I personally couldn’t care less about how it turned out after dragging it for so long. I’ll just leave it at that.


The visuals were alright for 2012-2013 production, but seeing as how the setting is a school life, you can’t really expect anything extraordinary fluid or abstract ( save for Shiina’s art )


Personally i’d be raving about OSTs if it was amazing, but this was just done right to complement the anime so no raving about it there.


The voice acting was really good though,

It really felt as if Misaki-senpai had ADHD because she just can’t pipe down no matter the situation, she’s always  this fun girl bursting with energy and the voice actor really characterized her very well. Shiina’s really reserved most of the time and her tone suits her well.

So, props to the VA department there. You’ve out-done yourselves !

Final Verdict:

Fair enough


look forward to season 2.. i guess?

One of the most profound messages in the anime

One of the most profound messages in the anime






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  1. Nice review on Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo , Thumbs up 😀

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