Haganai Next 2 – The Homos and the onee-sama

Was expecting to be entertained wholeheartedly on a Friday evening, but guess not.

In this episode, The Neighbours’ Club watch a ‘M’ version of a supposedly full-blown homosexual-esque anime called ‘Homo C’.Yozora is initially against watching the ‘lewd garbage’ but is then convinced to watch it as a whole club.They react unanimously in a positive manner, praising the movie.Sena questions Yozora’s double standards on the activities that are permissible inside the club. Sena is then forced to read out a line from the Visual Novel game she has been playing in order to justify the lewdness of the content. She successfully reads out the suggestive line — the club becomes bewildered — then is criticized for her lack of sensitivity towards such type of content. She storms out of the clubroom in her usual burst of tantrums.  The next day, Kodaka is called out by an unknown sister as he walks through the park. She attempts to proselytize Kodaka because of his hair colour — only to have Kodaka say that it is of a natural shade of colour. The sister reveals her own name to be ‘Kate’. Maria appears out of nowhere and cheerfully hugs Kodaka, but is surprised to see Kate, ‘the old hag’ hanging around him. Kate teases her, and then reveals that she is Maria’s sister. She is actually grateful to Yozora and Kodaka for changing Maria’s behavior which used to be that of a passive shut-in.

Walking towards class, Kodaka is joined by Yozora. She requests for Kodaka to compare his answers with hers as they have just finished their finals. Soon, Kodaka could see that Yozora was just attempting to bring up conversation topics so they could talk with each other. Sena comes in out of nowhere and brags about her ‘perfect answer sheet’, then engage Yozora in the usual heated conversation as they walk towards the school block.


I summarized the episode plot like a true scriptwriter. Way to go. Apologies if it was boring, but subtitles are present in the gallery for the sake of communication-because, as you can see, this episode wasn’t very emotive.

our thoughts are in unison

our thoughts are in unison

I have mixed feelings about this episode. It was a rather poor attempt at deepening the relationship between Kodaka and Yozora. If it wasn’t for Rikka’s oh-so flowery tongue in the language of suggestiveness, this episode would have been a total let-down.  The cheeky references to the other two anime (go figure) that AIC has produced were absolutely hilarious, if not ridiculously lewd- but hey, that’s Rikka for you alright. And as for Yozora’s assertiveness over club activities – I think we have covered this in the first season ? And also how they have gone over how hardcore Sena’s ecchi games can get ? I’m sorry, but recycling the same sequences and applying new fillers just don’t cut it for me- and for the more conscious audience. If i must point out a positive; the scene where Yozora reacts to how ‘friends can kiss each other’ did well to show us Yozora’s perception on personal issues. Okay, deep stuff.   We know for sure that Kate, Maria’s sister has been added to the cast and things will probably pick up to become more interesting as she becomes more involved in the orderly chaos that is the Neighbour’s club.

Perhaps I over analyzed the screenplay.. emphasizing proper character development of SOCIALLY INEPT people from the very moment i picked up season 1..

Because my little show about the neighbour’s club can’t be this bad.

Perhaps I need to

.. let my hair down.. like what Rikka did.




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