THAT time of the year

I wish i  was the one who drew this

I wish i was the one who drew this

It’s that time of the  year !


The time where families all over the world come together and reaffirm their relationships over a grandiose feast and what-have-you with each other, regardless of religion.

The time where dogmatic religions of Judaism and Christian nature flourish and are at its peak, as they speak and preach of the birth of Christ.

The time to make capitalistic ventures, as people prepare to open up their wallets and splurge on whatever their hearts desire.

The time for children to engage in snowball fights, build snowman and be extremely ecstatic about what gift they are about to receive.

The time for students to have a revitalizing respite from their hectic school lives.

The time for Santa Claus and a general widespread fashion statement for white and red.

The time for an adventure; across the seas and lands to witness ongoings in other nations.

The time to put a close to what has unfolded.

Indeed, that time of the year is many things.

haganai xmas

Perhaps for many of us it’s a time to give in to our hedonistic nature and just let loose ourselves from reality.

Or  a time for fervent worship and total admiration of the birth of Jesus.

In the realm of animation, there little to no talk of dogmatism and theology during their seasonal christmas episodes [same goes for near-obligatory Beach episodes]. More often, it’s divinity– the idea of unknown celestial forces that governs us, and that people wish upon them in these kinds of times. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s a time to, as aforementioned, indulge and be lavish with just about everything; bring your friends along, crack up the craziest jokes, do the most mundane of things and look back upon the good times you’ve had up until your life now. Celebrating the season itself is its own reward.


I can’t say any of those are wrong, no one can. Just don’t break a few bones while you’re at it, though.

Ultimately, it’s what we do for ourselves that makes Christmas.. well, Christmas.

Since it depends on you to define Christmas, i’d like to take just a moment to know what Christmas means to you:



P.S for us it’s obviously.. a time for a bag of chocolates


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