Guilty Crown ..

Guilty Crown (Completed)

Opening Theme:

1. “My Dearest” by supercell

2. “The Everlasting Guilty Crown” by EGOIST

Ending Theme:

1. “Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~” by EGOIST

2. “Kokuhaku” by supercell

Insert Song:

Eps 01: Euterpe by EGOIST

Eps 02:.βίος by Mika Kobayashi

Eps 02: Kimi sora kiseki by EGOIST

Eps 02: Ready to Go by David Whitaker

Eps 05: Rё∀L (Real) by Cyua

Eps 05: friends by mpi

Eps 10: Release My Soul by Aimee

Eps 11: Departures ~Blessing~ by EGOIST

Eps 13: Hill Of Sorrow by mpi

Eps 13: κrOnё

Bonus CD:

1. Guilty Crown Theme Song Collection

2. Guilty Crown Another Side 01

3. Guilty Crown Drama CD

4. Guilty Crown Another Side 02

5. Guilty Crown Drama CD #2

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas Song Collection


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