3D Activity: Natsu Matsuri

Ironically, not a single 2D was seen at the festival on that day– so much for duality.

So how has everyone been doing ? Life’s definitely been pretty interesting for me, getting some fresh air, doing new things and deviating from the formerly borderline Otaku lifestyle. Not saying that all of you visitors are like that, or even that an Otaku lifestyle is a despicable one, but you should go out to get some fresh air once in a while ya know ?

As usual, let the pictures do the talking– for the most part.

Funny that this is a primary school and it’s smacked in the middle of an industrial area


No. 1 prize’s a trip to Japan for 3, bitches !


Drums and beats that encapsulate the Japanese vigour and spirit. Oh Yeah

Panoramic shot


Oishii oishii

This gallery should more or less give one an idea of what the Japanese do at a summer festival. Admittedly, deep inside I kinda hoped for some otaku culture to be relevant in these festivals – but some things just don’t go together and this is why most contemporary culture should forever stay apart from the traditional one- don’t ruin it, there’s a time for everything. In fact, i’m kind of glad not a single speck of anime culture was featured in the festival. I suppose it was expected of me to think that way, being a former heavy consumer of anime. anyway,

I really think I should have capture more people in Yukata, but my apologies, I was already pretty damn fatigued by the time I arrived at the vicinity and thus I honestly couldn’t be bothered with that, as much as they are appealing to the eyes.

The event was held in Japanese Primary School, Changi Campus; organized by none other than the Japanese Association itself.  The said organisation has grown pretty large and is pretty influential around here. Check them out at your locality if they have any Japanese cultural events stored in for the public.









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  1. I was at the event . 🙂 enjoyed the folk dance the most

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