Tari Tari 03 & 04 – Me gusta la música


Redefining ‘handicap’

Following the anything-but-stellar recital rehearsal, the newly formed Choir Club faces a stalemate and a period of hardship as their temporary members had left as soon as the rehearsal was over. It was up to Miyamoto to think of ways to recruit people back into the ranks to barely meet the club quota of 5 members. Sakai got chased down by a overly-attached Spanish man who claims to know her. They try to win Tanaka over by challenging him to a Badminton match. Having won, albeit through the most unfair of methods, Tanaka reluctantly joins the ‘Choir and sometimes Badminton club’. They got Wien in as well and got the principal’s rather unconditional approval once more. They head to the beach for Summer activities and happened to notice the ‘World Stage Music’ being constructed and decided to join in. The Condor Queens, a well-known roaming Spanish band butt into their audition, and tell them how ‘pros’ do their work. When deciding on a place to stay, Miyamoto suggested for them to stay at Sawa’s place- which they accepted without hesitation. Miyamoto was delighted and sought to learn more from them, though Sawa was not too happy with her complacency when they Condors are around. When Sakai arrived at Sawa’s place, it was revealed that Sakai’s mother was a part of the reason why they came to Japan, and that the woman was of significance to the band. They paid their respects to her mother soon afterwards. The Condor Queens strengthened Miyamoto’s resolve to try and participate in the World Music Festival once more. Through Sawa’s mother, they made last minute arrangements to perform. Having resolved their internal conflict, the Choir Club members use the days remaining to practice singing for the festival.

Ultimately, though Sakai did not perform, The Condor Queens specifically told her to never give up music. That is up for her to decide.

Having a masculine middle-aged Spanish guy with a pet pig fix your bike, awesome


Male conformism at work

The ‘holy crap’ moment

Aloha.. all of a sudden

Party Poopers !

They sound good, with a hybrid Japanese-Spanish Accent



I have been asking myself ‘how will the Choir Club keep picking itself up over and over again?’ And they have demonstrated their resilience through these series of events. Though as an aspiring male, you’d see that Tanaka is subjected to a happenstance that he’d probably never would have thought happen in his life. All the poor guy ever wanted was to expand his badminton club and eventually compete in the nationals and further to a professional player status. Cheekily, the female leads in the story will always have their own extortionist ways of getting people to join her cause. Zing. But hey, at least he gets to ‘sometime’ play badminton amidst the music-centric activities of the club. Nevertheless, he shines in the self-esteem department and wouldn’t let his friends down, because he believes that this is a worthwhile cause. [ right? right ?]

The plot seems to be sidetracking a lot at this point, but all this will serve well to prepare for the actual recital. [ all that trouble  for just the recital ?!]

Speaking about sidetracking, we saw Miyamoto being distracted more than ever, even suggesting the group to skip practice just to watch the Condors perform. Sawa had to force her back into the group’s focus. Some more character development we see over here.

The Condor Queens, at first the victim of being prejudiced as a bunch of cocky hags, actually turn out to be a fun bunch to be around. Throw in a bit of Spanish into their Japanese and you have a ‘World Music Band’. Unfortunately, a Google Search has officiated the status of Condor Queens to be ‘non-existent’ in real life- bummer, they’d actually be awesome folks if they were real.  Anyway, they serve to reveal more and more of Sakai’s proverbial background in Music.

We haven’t heard Sakai sing a single note up until this point and probably when she does, we will hear the voice of an angel. Because, hey, that’s the momentum that the story has been building up right ? It better be.

Another good round of laughs,giggles, stellar art and genuine singing.

[ Clenches fist, thrusts it into the air,Screams lets do this in Austrian]


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  1. Might watch this . Yet to see any episode.

    • It’s genuinely entertaining and you should, though you may find its plot progressing in a haphazard manner up until now. That aside, decent music and the stellar art from PA Works ( as usual) keeps me tuned.

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