A beacon of life in a wasteland of desires

Exactly 5 months ago, Hanabi texted me about starting up a blog for anime. I was still like a ‘virgin’ to anime at that time, and was rather doubtful of the purpose of the blog. We eventually decided that it would be a ‘happy place’ where people can download anime in a special format [MP4] and read previews / reviews of the season’s ongoing anime, with Hanabi doing the former and me doing the latter.

Now the blog has garnered more than 30,000 hits and we haven’t looked back since then- plus we recruited other people into our cause as well.

A blog? Sounds fun

As much as we love getting hits on this voluntary voyage of ours, it has come to my attention that the blog has become more of a ‘pit stop’ for anime downloads

Do cars come to pit stops to chill out with the garage engineers or technicians ? No, they get a new, fresh set of tires and they’re off to whatever destination they were originally heading towards.

Viewers don’t comment here very often, and if they do, it’s either about missing links or just compliments for the series that we’ve uploaded. Finding comments about a certain episodic is just about as rare as finding roaming legendary pokemon in the grass – cheesy analogy, but you get the picture.

Relatively, perhaps Hanabi has done his job better than I have, in getting stuff worthy of hits up on this blog – or that the things I write about just doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy enough.  About 6 months of immersing myself into Japanese Otaku culture and viewing various anime does not entitle me to haggle for comments about my posts regarding the said stuff, but I do appreciate at least feedback on the posts written over here. My lack of networking is often to blame for this as well [ loner ], but I am constantly looking for potential people to put on my blogroll as well.

Juggling the role of a student in a tertiary institute, a gamer and a anime blogger is never easy, but I strive to improve from time to time to bring fellow anime fans things that matter. I do admit that the frequency of my posts are irregular and far apart – for that I am sure to blame myself.  Nevertheless, my aim in posting remains clear: to make substantive posts that garner people’s constructive comments.

Nevertheless, the aim of this post is not to complain, but just to point out whoever may be frequenting this site that a comment – Feedback, in essence – a day makes my budding writer life a tad bit happier.


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  1. Hmm… I’ll do it ! O_O

  2. i will try 😀

  3. Sakurai Desu Wa

    Uguu I feel so guilty for not giving any feedback to you guys even after all that you’ve done for us. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I’ll make an effort to give as much feedback as possible. I know it’s a bit too late, but they say that it’s better late than never right? (Excuses lmao) ^^;

    Anyways I gotta say that I like what you guys just did to the blog. Loving the new banner so much! All my favourite girls from this season! Except for Konatsu since she’s kinda meh imo, but it’s a very well done banner all the same. :3

    I’d also like to thank you guys for making a considerable effort to bring us as many shows from this season as possible. It’s definitely an increase of shows from last season, and I’m currently struggling to finish them. At last count I have 85 unwatched episodes in my phone all waiting to be watched… >.<

    Damn I should really have said something. earlier before this post… We all love hearing compliments from others when we do something good, and I'm sure you guys aren't exceptions. I guess this post gave me that little push I needed to man up and post something after patronizing your blog since it was first founded. So thank you again, for all the work and effort you put in this blog for otakus like me. You have no idea how much this blog means to me… It's because of you guys that I don't have to do the painstaking work of downloading and converting that I SHOULD be doing myself. So thank you. Again and again and I'll never stop thanking you guys. You two are the best and you two deserve more credit for setting up what is now one of my most visited blogs ever.

    Haha and lets's play some DotA soon k? :3

    • I’m up for League of Legends 😛

    • Your feedback has been rather heartwarming.. I appreciate it.
      You also described at length what this site has done for you in your anime-viewing adventure and really, but it’s all done out of passion and love for the very thing we call anime.
      Continue being awesome


  4. Sakurai Desu Wa

    Oh yeah I forgot to ask, but what’s with you and that face there? Could that possibly be you irl? Lmao x)

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