My little Chocolate Show Can’t be This Bad – 02

This episode started promising. Sure it used cliched childhood flashbacks and ecchi moments but at least it was *trying* to make the show have some romantic element in it.

Underage weddings :3

But then it all fell to shit.

It’s a guy…

It took me no less than 5 separate sittings to finish this episode, so if it feels like I’m not giving it a proper full detailed analysis its cause I’m not. I hate this show and watching more than 5 minutes at a time brings about a feeling of panic. Like I liked Nyaruko, I don’t have an issue with clusterfuck shows of nonsense and ecchi content. But… this… it doesn’t have anything good. It does crazy stuff but with boring characters or does boring stuff with the few interesting characters.

Dat Ass and name puns is such a waste of her character ;_;

I take back what I said last post, I don’t care what you like. Don’t watch this crap, If you do and like it, have at it but I can’t in good conscious recommend this to anyone.

Episode in a nutshell


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