Tari Tari 02 – Doesn’t matter, Just sing !

Continuing the rather climactic end of the first episode..

We see Miyamoto, Okita, Taichi , Wien and Sakai meeting up at the city’s park.

Not giving a damn at its best

Casually greeting each other, Taichi goes about asking whether Miyamoto was singing.

Okita took this opportunity to ask Sakai to come along as the may their way to her house.  The boys went their own ways, with Taichi showing Wien around the city.

Hey, Taichi, beef bowls are awesome, okay

With Miyamoto idling about Okita’s room, she decides to show Sakai the clip of Miyamoto ‘screwing up’ during last year’s combined recital. Miyamoto tries her best to remain composed, as much as she dreaded that event.

Seizing this the opportunity once again, Okita requests for Sakai to be in the choir club, even if she will not be singing. Sakai gladly accepts.

*thud* thud* thud* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

 They then got to discussing strategies to bring more members into the choir club, with the distribution of attractive flyers as one of them.

The next day, Miyamoto  seeks approval from the principal as she has gathered enough members to start the new choir club.

Talk to the ha– Sakai..? Right this way, girl.

Reluctant at first, the principal dismissed the girl’s seemingly innovative plans for the new choir club. Upon inspecting that Sakai Wakana is seeking to be a member of the club, he instantly undergoes in a change of heart and immediately approves of the club. He even promptly requested to be the club’s advisor, whose request Miyamoto unhesitatingly accepts.

Enticing musical prodigies with cake, Miyamoto style

After school, Miyamoto tries her hand at piano and desperately fails. Sakai enters the clubroom and comforts her. Surprised at her piano skills, Miyamoto asks her to play a few more songs.

Eager to start as soon as possible, she then requests for Sakai to aid in the club’s practice by playing the piano.

And so, the each day went by, as the choir club practises. The vice-principal initially rejects the chosen song, but gives in to Miyamoto’s burning passion to perform it.

On the day of the first combined rehearsal, the principal goes MIA, this caused the Choir Club members, Okita and Miyamoto scrambling to look for the assistant adviser.

Miyamoto got Sakai, who reluctantly accepts to lead the practice in her stead for the time being, as she was the only actual student of music in the club.

They finally found Ms Takahashi at the hospital and rushes for the location of practice.

Sakai requests for the choir club to perform last, as she was the sole member who was at the auditorium.

The club just barely cleared congestion in the city area on the way, hope fades away for the club to reach in time.

Upon seeing the failure of the choir club to turn up on time, the vice-principal decides to cancel off their slot in the rehearsal.

Miyamoto’s determination crumbles and she decides to go home. Okita swiftly spanks Miyamoto to remain focused and keep her spirits up.

Smack dat ass

With Sakai’s assistance at the piano, two of them boldly took the stage and starts their song.

Singing under the stars

This just keeps getting better and better. The choir club has taken their first step into the limelight and the journey has just started.  The relationship between each character is getting developed steadily, though, the rest of the choir club’s members do could use a bit of introduction even if they are considered as extras solely for the voice ensemble. I’m sure you’ll do that, right, P.A works? Alright.  The art remains consistent and beautiful, with glorious voice-acting-cum singing at that.Other than that, I think this episode is a perfect example of what happens if one does not plan their external events properly – best not to screw up next time, Miyamoto !


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