Tari Tari [01] First !

The running animation for the opening is honestly really unnatural and always gets me every single time

At long last, Tari Tari is out ! P.A works, creator of Angels Beats ! and Hanasaku Iroha brings you its.. well… latest work !

Starting off optimistically with  “Dreamer” by AiRI, we’re off to see a great start on this slice-of-life journey.

[ No kitchen jokes on First Impressions please]

Wakana Sakai starts off the day tending to his father’s breakfast. Shortly after a dispute over a bouquet of flowers, she leaves for school.

The backgrounds are smooth and reminiscent of the styles in Hasaku Iroha

Sawa Okita, classmate of Konatsu Miyamoto [2nd picture below] cruises with her horse around school. Miyamoto takes a leisurely stroll to school.

‘Forever Alone’ – Good one liner there from Miyamoto

Taichi Tainaka, the sole member of the badminton club, rushes ahead for morning practice.

Some epic reflection effects on the glossy wall  there – beautiful

The school’s choir club practices for the crucial Annual Recital. The instructor, the vice-principal of the school, demands more from the performers.

The classroom actually has life- this spices up the viewing experience drastically

As homeroom was about to begin, the students of a certain class in Shirohamazaka High  prepare the stage for a surprise. 

What odd countries are they going to introduce next? No offence of any sort intended to Austrians, of course.

 Atsuhiro Maeda, a transfer student from Austria, approaches this certain class along with its homeroom teacher.

Highly delighted by the surprise for her maternity leave, she goes about her daily routine.

“Ha, challenge accepted – i’m gonna sing for all of you to hear !’

Nitpicking on Taichi, Takanashi-sensei scolds him for being a regular late-comer. In his defense, he says that attends practice early every morning. He then voluntarily jokes along with the class and sings the school’s anthem.

Atsuhiro Maeda is forgotten about, and quickly brought into class for him to be introduced. He is highly respectful of other people, and basically welcomes other students to become friends with him.

Miyamoto steps into the teachers’ quarters and requests for a position where she can ACTUALLY sing inside the school’s choir club, to no avail. The vice-principal sternly reminds her of the hiccup that she has caused in last year’s Recital and refuses to entertain her request. As Miyamoto exits, the vice-principal rubs her off by asking her for a formal request if she really is interested in the position.


Much to her grimace, she returns and wrecks the table of the vice-assistant, accusing her of misjudgement and cried unfair. This never actually happens of course, as she awakes from her gurgling tirade in the toilet.


Miyamoto then consults Okita, who seemed  positive on just about everything that Miyamoto says. Okita joining her choir club might just be a possibility.

[As the convention of [almost] every high school-based anime, we have a desire, which becomes a collective – and then finally embodies itself fully into a club !]

 On the way home, Miyamoto tries to convince Okita to join her new choir club, as Sakai apparently is a talented singer.

Sakai then reminds Miyamoto of her discontinued membership in the choir club and this instantly sparked Miyamoto’s impulsive decision to shout ’embarrassing!’

More rage?

She then composed herself, and gleefully asked Okita to join the club ‘out of fun’. Irked by Miyamoto’s lack of subsistence, Sakai angrily reprimands her for not having an objective to singing. She then rides off quickly on her bike, on the way back home.

“So join me maybe?”

Engaged in deep reflection, Maeda notes his progress in fitting into Japanese society and culture.

The next day, Miyamoto  and Okita meet up in a cafe to discuss the plans for the choir club. Okita never seemed to take it seriously, but was always open to listen to Miyamoto.

What a coincidence

Not very amused, she decides to get some ice cream outside with Okita. While waiting, she sang  soulfully in the middle of the park, pretty much oblivious to the surroundings. It just so happens that Taichi, Sakai and Maeda passed by, as Okita returned to her with ice cream.

Quite an interesting situation here.

Pretty long plot summary for first impression ? It damn well should be – the first impression always counts. What we’ve got over here is an anime which does not rely on moe, ecchi or just blatant exaggeration for its audiences to feel attached to the characters. Right from the moment Sakai serves breakfast, or when Miyamoto says hello to Taichi, one can already see what kind of characteristics these boys and girls have – it’s important that they clearly state what kind of impression the audiences will make of the characters. Miyamoto is the go-getter, Sakai is a cold one, whereas Okita is your mature, albeit slightly generic girl and so on. It’s also very nice to see a lively classroom setting – which is unfortunately very rare in most stories-, some little details that make a story flourish. Character development will be a highly acclaimed part of this series and many viewers will expect no less.  A lot of the dialogue is no mere pep talk and actually has some depth – good scriptwriting. The art is beautifully done, the backgrounds are smooth with its textures and it’s clear P.A Works didn’t compromise on the aesthetic qualities of this production. Go and check it out its OP and ED songs too !  Genuinely appealing and beautifully animated, Tari Tari Hitotsu-me , go !


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  1. good script writing? Agree! the show had more intensity than what i expected it to have, especially when she left the choir club… so far so good. 🙂

    • People say it’s ‘what K-ON should have been’, haha, if they actually had instruments and could play them, this would blow Sakura High’s K-ON out of the water 😉

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