Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect


Episode  1

Episode  2

Episode  3

Episode  4

Episode  5

Episode  6

Episode  7

Episode  8

Episode  9

Episode  10

Episode  11

Episode  12

Episode  13

All videos are playable on PC and PSP,leave a comment if there is a problem or any particular anime series you want.Enjoy!


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  1. Really unique theme here but its kinda not used to its potential . I mean find just 1 episode with body swap of some comedy anime and its just a lot more fun . Oh well , atleast we get some insight from 2nd episode onwards of whats going on.

    • Hmm , got a little better with the 3rd episode . We at the very least , know more about the characters we’re watching . Otherwise , it had pretty generic characters ( Koi Choco is probably the top in this sense right now ) .

  2. AGREED with Koi Choco.. alongside with other ridiculous aspects of the show, it has caused one of our writers to suffer a rather uneasy experience watching it and ultimately dropping the show.

    That aside, I also agree with you on with the pace of the show they chose to go at. 2 Episodes and and the accumulative amount of screen time just detailing the weird phenomenon (body swap ) is too much- lots of momentum for the show to build up has been lost. That aside, i think one can’t help but notice that Kokoro Connect would be like a K-ON-esque anime with more serious and integral themes of personality. 🙂


    • Yeah , they’re really focusing on the heroine’s backgrounds now and well , on more serious parts of their past . Right now I think I’ll probably watch this.

  3. plz Re-Upload all the episodes pl0x c:

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