Sensei No Yoona (like a sir)

I hesitate to call myself a ‘hardcore anime fan’ ever since seeing spirited away [in class] for the first time just two days ago. How the heck did I miss such an epic title when much what I have been watching as of late has been anime ?

Hayao Miyazaki brought his sheer brilliance into life in the form of the animated movie Spirited Away. It has eleven years since the movie’s release and it is universally agreed that this movie is a keystone in Japanese animation- in terms of achievement and reception.

The plot basically follows a rather stuck-up 10 year old girl ( a’shojo’, meaning young girl in japanese) named Chihiro – and later renamed ‘Sen’ – on a house-moving trip with her parents when halfway in the journey, her parents notice what seemed to be an abandoned theme park. As usual, there is always this slight moment…

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  1. Just some academic stuff.. deviating from the standard string of things I usually post for a while.

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