Side Note – Saber Nendoroid Petite ( ねんどろいどぷち )

Welcome, my new servant.

If you haven’t already realized by now, I’m a Saber freak. Also, I realized that keeping a blog isn’t just all about writing and giving patrons what they want. New stuff keeps everything fresh, right, Saber?

This beautiful servant just arrived in my mailbox today, as a complement to the NewType May edition, ordered from J-List.

Let the pictures do the talking !! Apologies in advance if you were expecting more substance from this post :p


I approve of you being in my domain.. heck who would deny your presence ?!

“shall we go for a swim, Master?”

” I am still awaiting your response, Master”

My usually lustful captions will not taint your gracefulness.. *cough* =}


(Where’s my commission from J-list for doing this?! :P)


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  1. *hails Saber* yush shes so lovely…too lovely haha :3 and i believe it’s even better to teach/educate the patrons what they should want before giving it to them.

    i lol’d at the “lustful captions part. xD

  2. Swimsuits – Saber’s Anti-Summer Noble Phantasm XD There they go again with magazines with free stuff, wonder if they’re going to release a nendo petit set of them soon O.o

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