FateZero 8 – Nobility, Ruthlessness and Insanity

As Maiya and Irisviel made their escape, Irisviel’s senses detect another intruder breaching the vicinity’s barriers. It was Kotomine Kirei, and they knew very well that they had to stop him from reaching Kiritsugu at all costs.

The surprised face they cracked when they knew Kirei was coming this way. Those faces.

Kiritsugu continues to pelt Archibald with his sub-machinegun fire, while readying his Walther in the other hand. The bullet of the Walther penetrated right through Archibald’s defenses, and severing his left shoulder.

Strike !

Left bewildered, Archibald cursed as Kiritsugu flees to find another strategic spot for the next [fatal] ambush.

Mission Impossible: Kiritsugu Protocol

Kotomine Kirei arrived at the scene, and was greeted by a barrage of machinegun fire from Maiya. Feigning injuries, Kirei quickly subdued Maiya in highly deadly close combat as he deflected all incoming projectiles.

This badass assassin-ninja-monk graces the church, what does your church have ?

Irisviel knew of Kirei’s motive behind coming here- this startled Kirei for a bit. In an attempt to distract him, she conjured a magical bird-like familiar that entangled Kirei onto a nearby tree. Kirei was disarmed for the time being, or so they thought.

“A few spools of thread will not hold me down.”

The ladies could only watch in horror as he literally halved a tree by using his own body’s strength. The entanglement was effectively broken after that. The ruthless Executor (his real title) proceeded with passing execution onto the desperate females.

“You’re next.”
“And i thought a bit of magic tricks were going to work..”

Not very far away, the swarm of Caster’s abominations corners Lancer and Saber. They quickly deduced that his Noble Phantasm – the spellbook he held dearly in his hand, powers Caster’s source of never-ending minions.

“Strike….. Air!”

Quickly weaving a battle plan, Saber utilized Excalibur’s brimming energy and propelled Lancer forward in a tunnel of whirlwinds. This allowed Lancer to get a clean strike on Caster’s Grimoire.

Lancer’s Imba mana-nullifying spear

With that, the army of fiends disintegrated and Caster escaped in a blood-lusted rage.

Jumping into a flashback, a young-looking Kiritsugu stared in awe at a bullet put against the ceiling’s light, held up by a shady-looking woman who resembled Maiya.

Dem gangsta bullets. Use em’ well Kiritsugu.

It was revealed that the bullets originated from Kiritsugu’s ribs, and that it was able to cripple a mage’s magic circuits (magical flow of energy in the body ) – though there were a limited number of bullets.

“I am aware that I can get sniped anytime in this dark corridor, but somehow I trust Kiritsugu not to do that.”

Kiritsugu crept into the dark corner of one corridor and awaited Archibald’s arrival. Archibald remarked that Kiritsugu was merely lucky in landing a single shot – it will not happen again.

“see, told you Kiritsugu won’t snipe me, as much as the coward he is. Oh well, I bet he’s too dumb to realize the same trick won’t work twice.”

Regardless of the form of defense, Kiritsugu’s time manipulation abilities, alongside with his enhanced bullets, penetrated Archibald’s defenses and severed his vitals. Near-death, he fell flat and bathed in blood.

“Bleargh.. not this crap again”

Sensing his Master’s imminent demise, he hesitated to move, but was given the green light by Saber to proceed. If not for Saber’s knightly code, the two masters could have ended up dead, as Lancer arrived in time to shield Archibald from the touch of death – he was more than able to impale Kiritsugu in a second.

“Let us see that pride through.” The Knights’ Pride at work.

“If not for the nobility of the King of Knights, you wouldn’t be alive” True that

Kirei proceeded to question the motives of the two women; if not Kiritsugu’s, whose wishes or motivation did they act upon?

— “i’m going to kill you anyway, so let your motives entertain me before your death”

As if the answer mattered, the Executor stabbed Irisviel in the torso and left them dying upon knowing of Saber’s arrival.

*insert Wolverine reference*

If not for the relic, Avalon, that rightfully belongs to Saber, Irisviel would have died from injuries. Only Saber being closeby could supply her mana to harness the Avalon’s restorative powers.

How convenient, having a healing relic everywhere you go inside of your body.

She then patched up Maiya, remaining as optimistic as ever.


I honestly find myself lacking words to express criticism over the series so far, because everything falls in place smoothly with the story. I would love to know how Kirei’s normal-looking priest robes could deflect bullets like flies flying into a wall – must be something up his or the church’s sleeve ( get it ? okay ). On a side note, I kind of enjoyed seeing Archibald thrash around in pain after Kiritsugu dealt the finishing blow. Anyone else had that pleasure ? Even in a visual depiction, we could feel the terminal pain [ or pleasure for sadists] of Archibald as his Magic Circuits are severed. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not starting a sadist cult here. The BGM for Kiritsugu’s battle was most befitting, it was upbeat and gave the fight a high-stakes kind of atmosphere it deserved.


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