Fate/Zero 7 – You thought me dead

That’s some sweet 3D modeling for an anime there.

A wild ball of mercury-like substance appeared in the site of destruction (proudly caused by Kiritsugu in the previous episode), seemingly unscathed by the destruction that had ravaged the vicinity earlier on. A throng of construction workers approached it and got their minds taken over by Archibald – earning him a free ride to another place to seek refuge. Obviously, a ton of explosives were not enough to take down the Archmage and his companions.

No one hath cometh ? Telepathy perhaps ?

Back at the church, Risei briefed the masters on the emergency change of rules: take Caster down or the war cannot be resumed. He further incentivized this plan by giving the first Master to defeat Caster an additional Command Spell. With Archibald short of a command spell, he would be sure to chase after Caster more urgently than the other Masters.

He’s pretty hip for a thousand year old spirit who tries to integrate into modern society

Back at Waver’s residence, we see Rider goofing around like any normal human in his freshly made custom shirt. Unable to go out into public without pants, Waver promised Rider long pants if he defeats another Servant in the upcoming battles.

In Fort Eizbern (colloquial, I know ), Kiritsugu discussed plans of taking down Caster without needing the help of Saber – instead, having her away from the heat of battle while others chase after Caster. In dismay, Saber questioned Kiritsugu’s reasoning and his trust in her prowess as his Servant.

Kiritsugu walked up the fortress and stared blankly from atop the towers. He lamented about the War and yearned to get away from all this fighting.

*insert Titanic reference here*

The impending lovey-dovey moment between Irisviel and Kiritsugu was quickly ruined when Caster breached Irisviel’s magic barriers; it was none other than Caster.

Dem magicians and orbs

Back inside the fort, Kiritsugu told Irisviel and Maiya to flee the opposite direction where Saber is engaging caster.

Caster’s version of Tag: that of pedophilia and death

“I would be prepared the next I come” or so Caster said in the first meeting with Saber. And so, he brought along a group of children with him to play a grotesque game of tag – where one actually dies when they get caught. Responding to the call, Saber charged into the woods to stop the ensuing madness.

Sweet Justice !

She could only watch in horror as Caster transformed the children into plant-like abominations that bid his doing.

Quickly getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of abominations that swarmed her, Saber could see no way out of the mess—until Lancer came.

*insert yet again another tentacle reference*

“sup, it’s me again, and i’m always timely when it comes to saving you from imminent death”

 Saber was somewhat relieved to see Lancer, but priorities had to be set straight- Caster must be taken down first before they can settle their own matters.

“Mercury Pwns” Archibald approves.

Breaking into the estate head-on, Archibald utilized the power of his magic as he hunted down Kiritsugu like a rat through his own vicinity.

 His mercury-like blob protected him from any physical damage and Kiritsugu could only flee while he prepared means of attack. He was also shown to possess a slight degree of proficiency in time magic as he slowed down time and hastened himself when he fled from Archibald.

“I’m gonna make it seem as If i’m lucky when it’s actually the bullet that’s doing the job” Sneaky Kiritsugu

Running down an alley, he ambushed Archibald and  confidently whipped out his trusty Walther P.22.


Lancer suddenly popping in to save Saber nearly made me go ‘not this last-minute stuff again!’, but it made sense due to Archibald’s dire need for an additional Command Spell. Contrary to my initial thoughts, Kiritsugu is not fully a hitman sort of person, as he can actually manipulate time using his slight proficiency in magic. Future battles will only get more interesting as more masters reveal their tricks from their sleeves.


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