Fate/Zero 3 – Battle Beckons

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After finishing off Assassin in an ambush, archer, revealed to be Gilgamesh, reaffirms his position as the King of Kings with Tokiomi. Gilgamesh then blatantly declares that this age is not worth of time, much less the Holy Grail. Tokiomi, putting up a false front, assures him that it is well-worth the time and effort, and will inform Archer on details of its procurement when the time comes. Moments later, Tokiomi groaned, bemoaning the fact that Archer has Independent Action as one of his skills- explaining his pompous demeanor.

A Master bows down to his servant. Unusual.

Even Iskandar makes a comment about taking down Clinton

Having heard of Assassin’s downfall, Waver urged him to make a move, as only six Servants are left in the Holy Grail War.  Rider then casually explains that Assassin is not a threat to him at all, as he only skulks in the shadows, nothing more. ‘Waiting is a part of war’, he bravely declared. And so, he went on with watching the television and told Waver of his life ideals. Only minutes later did he decide on ‘going out to the city’.Then, we see Waver-san complaining about Rider’s idleness [consisting of watching military or politically-related videos and eating crackers all day].

Kirei, knowing his Servant has been killed, escaped to the church to receive protection. Once inside, they


Spoke of their plans for the war and how successful the attack on the Tohsaka estate was as a decoy, as most masters would have let their guard down knowing Assassin is out of the fray.

No Ezio or Altair..? :okay:

The whole assassin order was then summoned inside the church – this act was a gross violation of the rules of the Holy Grail War. Nevertheless, their schemes went on accordingly.

Like a true gentleman

Saber and Irisviel landed safely in Japan to catch up with Kiritsugu. Saber was not new to air travel as it was revealed that she can take control of any beast or vehicle as if she was a master of it – due to the Riding skill knights possess. Saber then proceeds to the city area with Irisviel in a car. Irisviel casually told Saber of her life experiences – how much she longed to see the outside world – [surprisingly remaining optimistic and positive] and her fate. Realising this, like a true knight, Saber escorts Irisviel through the city to enliven her up.

Nice guns bro

Not very far away, Kiritsugu sneakily enters a hotel room. He met up with Maiya, supposedly his real partner, to procure his equipment and review the intel received from assassin’s attack on the estate. Skeptical about the death of Assassin and the nature of the fight, Maiya warned him to remain on guard. Kiritsugu heeds the warning, and proceeded to size up his weapons.

In the night, Saber and Irisviel stood by the coastlines after a day of touring the city. They exchanged thoughts on their life experiences once again, but Saber quickly sensed another Servant’s challenge to a battle nearby – abruptly ending their pep talk.

A full-fledged fight.. finally?

The challenger was Lancer, who appeared in the open to fight any Servant who responds to the call.

With his Motives unclear, Saber exercised caution and accepted his challenge nevertheless.


Another episode elaborating on the relationship between the Masters and their servants. Some light was shed on the Servants’ uncanny abilities and personality.  However, we still do not see the full roster joining the fray ? Saving the best for last perhaps ? The pacing of the episode was roughly the same as the previous one. I’d also like to note that the script has been well-written… so far. Four episodes and we finally see a full-fledged battle – expect things to heat up.  


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