Fate/Zero 2 – Backstabbers and the Full Roster ?!

After a uncertain period of time has passed, life went on normally as the Masters and their servants prepare for the Holy Grail War in their own ways..

"A map is needed to wage a war !"

Rider and Waver broke into a local bookshop to ‘browse through’ some books that were significant to Rider, both historically and intrinsically. Waver laments that he should not be wasting time doing all this nonsense – he then explains that he intends to use the Grail to fix his reputation as a person. To Rider’s disgust, he reprimanded the chap and proceeded to demonstrate his powers [summons a chariot from the sky in a blitz of lightning].

Well, that must have been quite a ride down from the heavens.

Still undecided on his incentive to fight, Rider decided to stay put and sunk into books while Waver looks for a ‘Heroic Spirit or two’ for him to fight.

Ilysvine: cheater !
Kiritsugu: I wouldn't have won otherwise.

Elsewhere, Kiritsugu and Ilyasviel indulged in a winter Sonata, looking around for Walnut buds in the snow. Ilyasviel surely has grown quite a lot. Some fluffy and unadulterated family moments they were sharing, with Saber and Iri watching over them from inside the castle. Saber expressed her contention as the master did not seem very ‘cold’ in character, contrary to what she had expected.

The role of king forced upon a young girl, and so was the altered story of King Arthur.

Iri explained that they were both shocked to see that the warrior, King Arthur turned out to be a female. Then, it turns out that Kiritsugu had a discrepancy with the people who forced the role of king upon Saber. Nevertheless, they never doubted her combat prowess, as much as how Saber trusts in their intentions to save the world.

Shifting to a dark room in a shady-looking place, a young man dressed in an unbuttoned purple shirt stares upon a helpless young boy bound by ropes. He then nonchalantly proceeds to complete the summoning ritual with the blood of a man that he had beheaded. The man was  then revealed to be a serial killer who is interested in menacing activities such as killing, kidnapping and torturing of people.

Summoning is complete.

Had he an idea what he was doing? Not so, judging from the blank expression on his face when the Caster was summoned. The man then commanded Caster to feast upon the boy – only to have him unshackled by the Servant himself. Or so the man thought. Immediately after stepping out of the room, he was devoured by mysterious forces that lashed out to consume his body thoroughly.

insert tentacle-related reference here

Ryuunosuke, the man, cracked up a blissful expression upon witnessing the incident and was overjoyed to have a twisted, like-minded companion, without giving regards to the Holy Grail matter. They worked hand-in-hand from there onwards.

It will be okay, he said
Just go on ahead, he said

At some other location, Kirei peers over the residence of Tohsaka from atop a cliff. He sends his already-summoned Servant, Assassin, to eliminate the alpha Tohsaka. His intentions were unknown at that time. The initially reluctant assassin was bolstered in confidence when Kirei told him to disregard the Archer and so he proceeded with the mission.

Assassin 101: always never expect things to go as planned.

Deftly slithering his way through the magic-heavy front yard of the residence, he was close to disarming the security – only to have his life at gunpoint of the Archer seconds later. The assassin was wiped out in a flurry of arrows as the Archer mocked him a ‘worm’ in his death.


Much of what the Masters and their Servants have been doing was left out and left unexplained after episode 1. There could have been some plots masterminded during the very long period and that is what the viewers are missing out. Nevertheless, this episode went on a pretty relaxed pace, maintaining its high production value as well clarifying some questions from the first episode. The action between the Servants seems to be picking up with the death of the Assassin, which I hope to see more in the next episode!


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