Fate/ Zero 1 – The stage is set

[ prequel to Fate / Stay Night ]

And so with the premiere of Fate / Zero II, I’ve decided to get up on my lazy ass and review Fate/Zero ! On a side note, I do apologize for posting nothing for the past few weeks, been going around looking for a job and travelling. I’ll stay on my ass for the next few series, I promise.

[ As usual, spoiler alert, but it is never too late to start watching the series – so refrain from reading on to avoid revealing the plot to yourself ]

The series starts with a fairy-tale-like touch, where a baby named Ilyasviel is born.

Nice jugs, madam, I mean , cute baby !

 The white-haired lady and the man clad in black were talking about how the Holy Grail could save the man’s life and how he would also be her end. They are later revealed to be Iri and Emiya Kiritsugu, the former being the wife of the latter, who is later revealed to be a mage killer.

Churches.. always up to something

The scene then switches to the meeting between the alpha Tohsaka and the lone Kirei, who is baffled by his involuntary participation in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Tohsaka then explains that the Holy Grail chooses its participants randomly in the war, provided that they are a magi, of course. The Holy Grail has the power to grant the winner any wish. Upon knowing they are the chosen ones, they are able to summon and command powerful heroic spirits, who are great warriors of the old resurrected through time and space in the present.

Rin: I can haz free stuff?
*whacked on the head*

In the meantime, a man named Kariya, reunites with Rin Tohsaka, the aforementioned lead male’s daughter. Bad news struck him as Sakura, who is supposedly Tohsaka’s second daughter, was sent away to another family for the sake of preserving their Magi bloodline.

Bear Grylls: hmm roasted bugs... wait.. WHAT ?!

Upon meeting his father, who adopted Sakura, Kariya was astonished to see Sakura being immersed in a sea of abyssal worms. His father claims this to be a part of ‘preparations’ to be a Magi, albeit a very quick and grotesque one. This was necessary in order for his father to produce the ‘triumph card’, who will be coming out of Sakura’s womb in due time so that the Holy Grail War can be won – allowing immortality to be achieved for himself. Kariya then took Sakura’s place as he agreed to win the Holy Grail War for his father, so as long as Sakura is no longer harmed.

Who thought a nerdy-looking boy could wield such power ?

In London, a lecture was going on at a magic school when suddenly, the professor snaps at a blasphemous thesis written by one of his students. Waver, the student claims that modern magic should be: developed and improved upon by practice and deeper study. In theory, magic was hereditary and only from inheritance can it get more powerful. The professor then refutes his writings outright, mocking Waver’s bloodline as a ‘baby compared to a longer one’ in terms of magical strength.Frustrated, Waver stormed out of class and ran into a delivery man. Recognizing Waver’s face, the deliveryman asked for his help to deliver an important package to the professor. Instead of doing so, he took the package for himself. Delving deeper into his study at the library, he found out that the package was in fact a relic required to summon a heroic spirit, as a part of the Holy Grail War. He then fled into a secluded place [his hometown] to complete the ritual.

The 'mysterious prodigy' and the 'Mage Killer'

Back in their own vicinity, Kirei and Kiritsugu contemplated about the opponents they are up against in the war. Kirei pondered about Kiritsugu’s objective  in participating in the Holy War, seeing as how he was only a Mage Killer, one that would assassinate mages and appear in the most heated times of wars. Conversely, Kiritsugu questions Kirei’s motives for turning into the church, as his records proved he was an excellent all-rounder mage – calling it ‘ a waste’.

Sometime later, The stage was set for the summoning of the Heroic Spirits as four Masters have readied their rituals. The masters retrieved their respective relics for the summoning and prepared for the invocation.

And so Saber, Berserker, Archer and Rider were summoned.

Saber.. turned out to be a female ?! What were the Master's thoughts ?

With all of them claiming the have ‘the triumph card’ to win the war, who will then be the strongest among the cards ?


As a prequel to a fairly acclaimed series and it’s first episode, I would say the 50 minutes was well-spent on providing the viewers with adequate background knowledge on the Fourth Holy Grail War and its characters. It was well-paced throughout with top notch animation and voice acting – not to forget the sweet opening theme by Lisa [Oath Sign]. Perhaps it is too early to give a verdict, but things are shaping up to be a promising supernatural-themed anime.


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