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  1. Pixar being doing its thang before Finding Nemo (Toy Story 1) 😛

    Unless your American (I didn’t think you were) Hollywood IS foreign film and its global base is exactly why most of Hollywood’s production is shit. Transformers 2 is not dumb as a brick because no one can write a decent story its cause you have to dumb stuff down to basic universal themes to be properly understood in 50+ countries. The well received films either are cultural specific or REALLY REALLY EPIC (ie. Star Wars).

    “Foreign” films are niche and hard to obtain but then so is anime depending on where you are. I mean outside of Japan non-Pokemon/DBZ anime on TV is dead or dying and legal streaming is a clusterfuck of licensing.

    My main issue with this supposed debate though is its really “Live-action big budget American films” versus “Small-budget Japanese TV animation shows”. Movies vs Anime alone doesn’t make sense, they aren’t in the same category as one is a format and the other is a specific variation of a visual style. I mean is Sprited Away under movies or anime? Its definitely anime but then its a film…and big budget and distributed across the world by Disney.

    Running on ecchi along works for Queen’s Blade and its many derivatives and all filler seems to work for the big three 😛 But no really pacing is important (and how does filler/fanservice apply to that? Fanservice is “too fast” filler is “too slow” or something?) and I think the remake for Hunter x Hunter is a perfect example where you can take a “long” shounen story that are normally associated with 200+ eps shows and make it a lot better by flying through the plot so each episode feels like something was accomplished.

    • hey there xD
      See, I made a herp derp out of myself.. haha, this isn’t actually a debate.
      i get your points, it’s just that,It’s more of a discussion you see

  2. Anime is heavily influenced by the culture of the people who created it, in this case the Japanese. As a result, a portion of their story comes from their culture. That might also explain why you get so many genres and many interesting story elements, generally because of their open-mindedness.

    American movies and Cartoons (no I wouldn’t call them anime) have also been affected by the thoughts and culture of the American society. That is why their content differs.

    I believe for Americans who like anime, is because of what Japan has inculcated in their shows, enjoying people who give thanks before a meal, people who say ‘ojamashimasu’ when entering, stuff they won’t find in the cartoons of their country. To them, it might be something new and refreshing, and it also allows them to escape the reality in the society by relishing what they find new in animes.

    Just a thought, ehe~ 😛

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