Black Rock Shooter 3 – Disaster laying dormant

“The time they’ve spent so far, the time they will spend from now on, the tears they’ve cried so far , the tears they will cry from now on – they’ve cried and lived together .” – Yomi

So.. how’s everyone been ? Not a NEET anymore, so figures why I couldn’t write out a commentary-cum-review every week, but am still trying my best to do so with quality 🙂

As for improvements, I’ve decided to keep my story summaries short and sweet, ’cause i’m usually a long-winded person, not used to being straight to the point.

Notice I’m not doing the Episodes in order, thanks to availability iss

The Diabolical grin.

ues, so , bear with it.

*ADDING SCREENCAPS Later, sorry guys ! Enjoy the wall of text for now !


 The red, horned entity sows seeds that spawned into haughty and petite beings covered in hooded rags. She grins diabolically.

 Mato walks to school together with Yomi, with Yuu popping up minutes later to snatch her away as they have to rush for a basketball meeting in school early.

 Kohachi-senpai confesses to his crush, with Mato and Yuu bearing witness [sneakily and coincidentally]

 Mato prepares for her basketball training camp and embarks on it, away from Yomi for quite some time

Public harassment ? Not a single squeak was given that day..

 Mato and Yuu talk about the connection between the ‘dreams’ that the former has been having and questioning its connection with reality.

 Kohachi-senpai goes ‘haywire’ and pinned up her love letter on a public noticeboard for all to see. She treated the incident as if nothing happened. Mato and Yuu felt sorry for her.

 Kohachi sprains her ankle and ends up in the medical ward. Black Rock Shooter then decapitates what seemed to be her, as materialized by the red entity

 Kohachi lays unconscious on the ground, with the counsellor and Mato feeling a kick to their senses – possibly suggesting a real connection between the two worlds.


 Vague and subliminal as usual, Black Rock Shooter at its best. The story really wants the ‘otherworldly’ part to mean significant, but in reality, it was only hinted in the characters’ conversations. The pacing of the story is rather slow in this episode. On a more technical note, the animation is rather let-down, seeing as how the quality of the OVA is comparable to what has been shown so far. Again, I didn’t come in with any expectations, nevertheless – It’s still worth watching.

Keerakun out !


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